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Generally speaking, the field of psychology is a modern, and tenerally anti-Christian and anti-Orthodox thing in both its origins and most of its applications, for it really purports to replace the Church as the means of treating the soul of man. That Christians, even Orthodox ones, have managed to turn some of its tendencies to good use doesn't change the overall concept, that man's behavior may be predicted, controlled, and separated from his spiritual life, that it need have no connection to religious Truth. You've got it wrong. It gasn't been hijacked. It IS a hijack, and it is Christian hijacking of the anti-Christian thing that can sometimes be justified.
So I'll go on bashing psychology. I look at its history, what it arose among, when and why, and why much more intelligent men of earlier centuries saw no such thing, and have decided that it needs to be bashed. The psych "sciences" are pseudo-sciences, that are only right coincidentally, insofar as they align with the truth about the human soul.



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