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( @USCenturion )
I have no interest in listening to any politician who doesn't have the courage to mention how children are getting myocarditis from the covid shot.

( @Curtiss )
@USCenturion President Clot Shot refuses to admit there's a problem,
or "Shut It Down" The Goyim know Donnie Boy

( @pysek )
@USCenturion same but add that 2020 was stolen as well.

Every elected official from 2020 is complicit at the least by their silence.

( @EuropeanLuvesMatter )
@USCenturion i want explicit pro-white politicians, who speak against White Replacement and anti-white hate

( @Calipatriot8973 )
@USCenturion I have no interest in listening to any politician who doesn’t stand up for white people and condemn the jews flooding our countries to replace us.

( @DarenFromDelaware )

It's not just that brother, it's everything. They don't care about ANYTHING America or American, they definitely do Not care about anything White people..

( @Vonzander )
@USCenturion Well, here's the problem....

99% of Republicans went all in on the grift/hoax/Genocide shot...

So as much as we want the GOP to pretend they will hold people accountable, they absolutely wont...

Because anyone they throw under the bus...

Will name, names....

And guess which names will come up first?

( @SenHid )
@USCenturion And politicians who still won't mention their White voter base.



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