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Beloved Light Family on Earth, it has been a time of rapid change and transition on the Earth in the last six months! Since the Aquarius Gate in February, you entered into a period of accelerated frequency and personal “expansion”. This was felt at the big shifts of the 22nd February and the 22nd March, as well as the Eclipses and the Equinox and the Solstice, and more recently the 6/6/6 and 7/7 Portals.

Each shift has brought you to a higher and finer frequency, so that you are ready to make a quantum “leap” as you transit the Lions Gate in late July and August. The 8/8 will be a pinnacle moment when you will step forward into the “expanded” version of yourself.
Beloved Ones, these New Earth communities will be founded on Love and Compassion, and integrity and clarity. They will be an expression of the “Shining Ones” and the “Pure Ones” of the Christ Consciousness and the Magdalene Avatar line.
Beloved Family of Light, this year’s Lions Gate will indeed be powerful, and we urge you to come together with your Soul Family and Tribes to celebrate and ground and anchor these new energies.

The keys words are Expansion and Transformation. Becoming All that you can BE at this time and expanding your service to the Divine according to your Soul Blueprint.

The Elohim Angels and the Royal Star Lions will be present to assist you and help you to find your personal power.

The Sirian Star Teachers will also be present to bring the Sirian Star Teachings on Ascension and to help you to remember who you are at this time. Mary Magdalene as the Avatar of the Feminine Christ energy will be with you, as will Yeshua as the Avatar of the Masculine Christ energy. As will many other Angelic Beings and Galactic Beings and Ascended Masters.

It will be a Grand Celebration of Higher Frequency and Love and the New Earth!



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