Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

Dear Friends, it gives me great joy to be able to address a brief message to you on the occasion of the establishment of the International Movement of Russophiles. The Manifesto of this association begins with a word that seems to have disappeared from Western vocabulary: friendship. In this case, it is friendship for the Russian people, shared by so many people throughout the world, and the friendship of the Russian people towards other peoples, which finds its foundation in recognizing ourselves as children of the one Eternal Father.
Recent events have shown us that the materialist atheism that devastated the Russian Empire and the world since 1917 as the Most Blessed Virgin Mary announced at Fatima ~ has today joined liberalism in the globalist ideology which underlies the delirious project of the New World Order. An infernal project, as President Vladimir Putin rightly pointed out in a recent speech, in which hatred for Christian civilization wants to create a society of slaves subservient to the Davos elite.
The Russian Federation undeniably stands as the last bastion of civilization against barbarism, and gathers around it all those nations that do not intend to submit to the colonization of NATO, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and that heap of foundations that have as their purpose the indoctrination of the masses, the manipulation of information, the creation of “colored springs” to destabilize governments legitimately elected and sow chaos, wars and misery as instrumentum regni.
But this friendship, these relations of concord and mutual cooperation, cannot disregard the denunciation of the coup d’etat perpetrated against humanity by dangerous subversives whose declared purpose is the establishment of an infernal tyranny, in which hatred of God as well as hatred of man created in His image, illness, death, ignorance, poverty, violence, selfishness, and corruption reign supreme.

Green Comet via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo goldenageofgaia.com

Greetings, lighted beings. I too am a being of light. I am many colors within as I embody rainbow light. I bring the harmony of green to this war-torn area of the solar system. I am the green comet.

I approach with great abandon and speed and yet on a certain trajectory for my path is carved straight and true.

I fly though the breath of Creator. As do you. You too upon your earth are flying through space at an incredible speed. As your bodies morph and change inter-dimensionally. I would argue that you are traveling as fast as I, and yet, you see stagnation for you are within body and within time constraints.

I have no constraints. Your scientists say that I will approach again in another 50,000 years. That concept of time means nothing to me. I am light itself traveling within a body of solid and gas, I am light in form.

You are light in human body form. We are the same. I am having fun harmonizing your energetics. I show myself as green, the color of love, of life, of new beginnings.

The dragons are with me. They fly along side me and try to beat my time. I let them!

(I sense teasing friendly banter between her and the dragons. The dragons are laughing which create little smoke rings, and the comet’s laugh rings like a bell.)

Such camaraderie as we swish through space!

I am the Green Comet. I am feminine in nature, filled with precious things, precious energies of love, balance and harmony.
I am the Green Comet. Do not be sad that you did not see me. If you did not, I saw you.

I see humanity, I see those of you who work with light like I do and I see you as my comrades.

You too blaze a bright trail. Your impact is vast and wide. Your reach is astounding. Your light reaches all things just by your beingness of it.

I am the Green Comet. I send my green love light to you.

Peace, friends, peace.

Steve Beckow/Matthew Ward #conspiracy #magick #ufo #wingnut #racist goldenageofgaia.com

The history of chemtrails is difficult to chart in that the deep state appears to have dialed back their resort to them and then increased them again and then dialed back….

So we’ll hear our sources say the chemtrails are gone and, then, some are appearing again but we’ve neutralized them and then they’re gone again, etc.

One explanation for that is that chemtrails are only one weapon in the deep state’s arsenal. Weather-warfare technology is another. Foreign aid, currency speculation, pandemics, climate change, derailments, GMO grains have all been used to extend control.

Each can be turned on or off in a globally-orchestrated manner to keep the public off-balance, responding to one crisis after another – deeply divided between vaxxed and unvaxxed, Democrat and Republican, climate change pro and con, and so on.

These are instruments that the deep state can resort to, almost as with an orchestra, to weaken us, poison us, and eliminate us. Because, useless eaters, that’s what the aim is: To eliminate all but 500 million of us by any available means.

Chemtrails are just one element of the plan.

Matthew Ward <a channeled ghost> in 2010 identified the Illuminati as being behind chemtrails: “The Illuminati … are the perpetrators of … chemtrails and other toxic pollution.” (2)
“In recent years they also have become known by other designations, such as the secret government, New World Order, dark cabal or the elitists; and they include the top figures in financial institutions, investment markets, multinational corporations, religions, education, media, military forces, judicial systems, entertainment, the medical ‘establishment,’ regulatory and advisory bodies, royal families, Zionists.”
Everything about the subject is a lot to handle – Satanism, adrenochrome, child sex trafficking, some things I don’t even feel ready or willing to mention.

Let me turn tomorrow to what the celestials and galactics (and Matthew!) have said about chemtrails over the last ten or so years.

David Sorenson #conspiracy #fundie goldenageofgaia.com

They tried to kill me so I would not be able to tell you this
When I was conceived, a dark voice whispered to my parents: “Kill him!” They seriously considered aborting me, preventing me from ever seeing the daylight.

My mother, however, also heard a different whisper. “Don’t kill your baby…let him live!” She ultimately decided to listen to the second voice. While she held me in her arms, she heard a beautiful, warm voice tell her:

“Give this baby a lot of love, because I love him a lot.”

During my life, there were continuous attempts to take me out and prevent me from fulfilling the reason why I was to be born.
As a teenager, I experienced an existential crisis that prompted a strong push to commit suicide. During the middle of the night, while sitting near a canal with the razor at my wrist, I heard a voice: “Don’t do it. God has a plan with you in it.” I was puzzled. “God? What the heck…” I had run away from this Reality for years, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I just hopped on my bike and rode away.

Once, I was poisoned at a hospital, which experience resulted in severe atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia; the doctor said there was no hope for me. My youngest son threw himself on my hospital bed and prayed for a miracle. A half-hour later, another doctor walked in and shocked me with a defibrillator. I walked out the door, totally fine.
These are just a few examples of the many attacks that I’ve survived. I believe that I’m still around thanks to the intervention of One who truly cares about all of us.

Through the years, I began to understand that I am alive for a reason. There’s a message that’s been placed inside of me, and it’s a burning fire that I cannot contain. This is the message:

The Creator did NOT appoint or anoint the wicked to rule on earth. They have no mandate, no divine blessing, no crown, and no scepter. The sole reason they have so much power is because of their sophisticated deceptions that blind and control mankind.

James Gilliland #ufo #magick #fundie #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

I have often pondered the question what would happen if Jesus wanted to join the UFO community.

First of all, the Christians would denounce him for speaking about other civilizations, his fathers many houses. Even if the Pleiadians, Sons of Arcturus, and UFOs were mentioned in the bible.

Then the Luciferians, heavily entrenched in the UFO community and almost all other institutions, would censor him and try to character assassinate him.

After all he did warn them about harming children, child and sex trafficking is a definite no no. They would engage the mainstream media to shame and destroy his character, probably accuse him of Russian collusion and knowing all their classified secrets.

Then the scientists would have a go at him telling him he is a woo woo nut job. They would say metaphysics and spirituality is not science even though they acknowledge at least 11 other dimensions and 100 billion planets observed that can sustain life in this 3rd dimension alone.
What would happen if Jesus destroyed the controlled narrative and said we are not alone, there are whole civilizations of very advanced beings who have conquered war, disease, poverty, balanced and maintained their environment and if the leadership desired they would make contact and help bring Universal Law and healing to Humanity and the Earth?

An invite to join a Federation of Worlds in peace. How would that go with the war industry? The medical and pharmaceutical industry? The oil, gas, coal, all industries that provide our transportation and energy needs? How would governments react with most of the leadership in the back pocket of these major corporations?

What if they had replicators? No need for Wall Marts, Costcos, all your needs would be met just by hitting a button. Electric cars would not need batteries, they would not need tires due to anti/counter gravity.

Are you starting to understand now why we don’t have contact?

Helen Lim and Jay-R Cimatu/Ismael Perez #ufo #magick #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

What? team (Helen Lim and Jay-R Cimatu) did a nice job of interviewing Ismael two weeks ago. They’ve done us all a loving service by giving a time-stamped index of what was discussed in both parts 1 and 2.

Part One…

“We are considered the biological royalty of the entire multiverse that exists within the periphery of the 7 super universes”

1:20 Ismael’s Childhood
6:35 The 7 Super Universes
7:55 The significance of 7
9:13 Why our universe has yet to ascend back to its parent source
10:25 What it means to be incarnated at this time
12:50 Ancient souls on Earth
13:46 The 3 Space Age Civilizations
17:40 Why our records have been edited to show one spectrum of reality
20:50 Why we are only able to perceive 4% of the universe
21:10 Dark Matter
22:10 Tiamat
26:25 The Living Library
27:55 The most advanced piece of technology on Earth
30:07 Earth’s planetary quarantine
31:50 The Dracos
34:25 The current state of Orion
36:12 The Sirians, Lyrans, and Pleiadians
37:55 The power players in our galactic history

Part Two…

“It’s one big, gigantic cosmic soul that fragmented itself and divided itself over the eons of time.”

00:55 The Enlil
1:48 Genetic tampering
4:50 Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis
10:05 Hollow Earth
12:09 The Supernaphim, Seconaphim, and Seraphim
14:44 Advice for those who are waking up
15:55 The 144,000
18:50 Earth, the timeline wars, and parallel universes
19:58 The Halls of Records
20:57 Disclosure
22:27 Spiritualizing organic matter
23:45 George Lucas and the Akashic Records
25:07 The Galactic Federation
26:53 Polarity Integration
30:30 Repairing your remaining strands of DNA
33:00 Mars
34:12 White Holes and Black Holes
34:44 Type 4 and 5 Space Age Civilizations
35:55 The truth about pharmaceuticals
37:50 The current geopolitical landscape
41:05 Now What?!

Denise Richards #magick #ufo #mammon goldenageofgaia.com

Welcome to 7 Universal Year of 2023 with Galactic Numerology™
In this transmission, you’ll learn about key energies from the new dimensional frequencies of sacred numbers through Galactic Numerology. These energies and illuminations are tools for manifestation that are available specifically in your year of 2023. See how this sets the stage for maneuvering and creating your life, and harness the powers that are available unconditionally for you!

We begin with the foundation and backdrop of the Universal Year of 7 in 2023. The digits of the 2+0+2+3 add up to 7, and this sets the energy for this calendar year as one of multidimensional transitions and transformations beyond what has ever been experienced on the Earthstar.

And, it becomes more apparent in your outer reality that things are shifting swiftly. Changes are taking place that are the result of the magnificent and challenging soul growth that you have undergone in the past year of 2022, as well as all the expansion since your Earth year of 2012 – when the massive flood of high frequency Christ Consciousness Light and Love poured upon the Earth. This great awakening was a leap in consciousness to assist the transition period into the 7th New Golden Age, completing the Piscean Age, and transitioning into the Aquarian Age.
In this 7 Year, we wish to also bring forth the 7th Ray of Light which is the Violet Ray of Transmutation of Saint Germain and overseen by Lady Portia, by Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst. Calling upon the Violet Flame, which is the action of this Ray, is indeed the most powerful tool to instantly transmute the dense energies rising to the surface to be transformed into their next states of consciousness and into Wholeness.

We send our love, blessings, and support always. And our transmission is now complete.

Redemption News #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon goldenageofgaia.com

Finally – Q-Phone Will Be Distributed – NEW! (8G Tech) – The Future Is Here !!!

October 12, 2022

Six billion Q-Phone smartphones have already been manufactured and packaged.

Developed and manufactured in Germany and England and distributed free of charge to all mankind.

It is ready for delivery any time to people all over the world.

However, Deep State employees will not be distributed [receive one?].

Steve Jobs is truly alive and leading the development of the Q-Phone as one of [an] Army [of] Angels.

[It] corresponds [with] the QFS. (Quantum Financial System)

It works on 8G network.

The recent shortage of semiconductors was caused by making Q-Phones for all mankind.

The final announcement from GESARA awaits Q-phone.

We believe that once Q-phones can be distributed to people all over the world…it will start with [trigger?] the RV Tier Humanitarian Fund deposit.

Once worldwide (debt forgiveness) is confirmed, GESARA will begin.

Doctor Charlie Ward and Mr. Simon Parks signed the NDA and received the Q-phone.

There are several types of Q-phones and they can be sent at any time.

The Q-Phone is being developed by Elon Musk and the Alliance.

Owen Waters #crackpot #ufo #magick goldenageofgaia.com

The ether and etheric energy sound like the same thing. Many people today think they are the same. Yet, they are as distinct and dissimilar as chalk and cheese or, to use a more appropriate comparison, magnetic energy and electric energy.

The confusion arises because the ether – the fabric of the universe – seethes with etheric energy, but that energy is not the medium through which it travels. The medium is the ether or, to use its more traditional spelling, the aether.
The aether was the name given to a subtle energy field that fills all space and therefore provides a carrier medium for light energy to travel through the great void of space between the Sun and the Earth.

Then, over a century ago, an experiment which attempted to prove the existence of the aether failed. Rather than admit to faulty assumptions, the scientists of the day declared that the aether must not exist.

This conclusion ran counter to common sense. After all, if ocean waves travel through water and sound waves travel through air, then light waves must travel through something.

Meanwhile, the aether was replaced by a new name for the fabric of space: Spacetime. It was a concept that scientists agreed upon as a brilliant substitute, even if it made no sense to anyone else.
Etheric energy is the life energy that passes from a spiritual healer to another person. It is the vitality or life force contained within air, water and food. It is the mystery energy which powers the endless orbit of electrons in their atoms and planets around their suns. Without it, all life as we know it would quickly wind down to a halt.

The inevitable mastery of etheric energy will lead to far more wide-ranging advances than electricity ever did. Within etheric energy lies the keys to powerful healing modalities, pollution-free energy, and many other valuable innovations. Just the advent of abundant, inexpensive energy will transform the world, eliminating poverty and much of today’s third-world suffering.

Steve Beckow #conspiracy #ufo #magick #wingnut goldenageofgaia.com

My understanding is that what climate change there is is due to one or more of six factors:

(A) To provide an exit route for those who had it in their soul contract, for whatever reason, to leave at this time;

(B) To balance karma for those intending to ascend who still had considerable karma;

(C) To help Gaia make adjustments needed to break free of humanity’s negativity as stored in her body, the Earth;

(D) As a result of changes in our Sun; (3)

(E) As a result of Gaia’s movement into higher consciousness, resulting in turbulent change followed by a more moderate climate worldwide ; and/or

(F) As a result of weather warfare as practiced by the deep state and masked by the media as “natural disasters.”

There’s nothing we can do about (A) – (E). We’re told the galactics are watching over and mitigating the weather process generally. (4)

The Earth Alliance are probably shutting down (F) as we speak. If you consider flooding a vast worldwide network of deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) to be “weather warfare,” then the Alliance is fighting back.
The Earth Alliance are probably shutting down (F) as we speak. If you consider flooding a vast worldwide network of deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) to be “weather warfare,” then the Alliance is fighting back.
The cabal appear to be jumping from crisis to crisis, with the assistance of the controlled press. We’ve had a pandemic that seems to have passed, leaving incalculable vaccine death and damage in its wake, and two more pandemics-in-waiting, that don’t appear to have gotten off the launch pad.

We’ve had numerous shootings and a constitutional circus on Capitol Hill to deflect attention. An unopposed open border, leaving the Taliban $80 plus billion worth of military equipment, selling needed oil abroad, disarming the citizenry, closing down active farmland. How many dots make a picture?

This is the twilight of the gods and the gods are not leaving quietly.

Archangel Michael via James McConnell #magick #ufo #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

I am Archangel Michael. I am with you at this time to bring you news. To bring you further understanding. To bring you the truth.

The truth of who you are, what you are here for. For you have been hearing this for some time, that you are the Chosen Ones. And yes, we know that some of you don’t like that term. But indeed you are the Chosen Ones. You are the Lightworkers, the Light-Warriors, MY warriors. You are here to perform missions, to spread the Light everywhere. We cannot do it but through you.

And in earlier timelines, one that those of the dark forces have known for some time which keeps them going because, in that timeline, they won. And that is what their expression continues to move forward to, thinking that they had won. But more and more, they are coming to the realization that they have not won. That the timeline has shifted!

And it has shifted because those of you, and those of your Brothers and Sisters, have come back from times ahead, from your future, if you will, have come back and have altered the timeline, have altered it, so that it would be the timeline that you all came here for, that you are all expecting, that you are bringing into fruition, into creation. It is your creation that this timeline that you are on now, that you have created, and that you are moving along now, is the one that has been foretold for quite some time.
So even those of the forces of the dark continue to move along and bring about what they think is their creation, it is not. It is not to be allowed. For the Great Central Source of this universe has decreed that it shall not be allowed, that the experiment is at an end. And even though you may still see some of those remnants of the darkness continuing on, they are more and more fading into nonexistence.

So continue to trust. Trust the plan. Trust in yourselves, the Creator Selves that you are. Because that is what is righting the ship.

Suzanne Maresca/Ismael Perez #ufo #magick #conspiracy #mammon goldenageofgaia.com

By introduction, Ismael Perez is a Galactic historian and Cosmic Ambassador to the Earth, here to reconnect the Earth to the galactic community.
Two books he loves are: (1) The Keys of Enoch: a book that was meant for the 144,000, a white book with 7 feathers with the coded word Yahwah. It’s higher level knowledge, encoded with everything. It even talks about the Solar Flash, and it’s written like a metaphor. (2) The Urantia Papers.
He was genetically enhanced and edited. His genes come from various ET sources (like many of us). His channels were open again after practicing Kriya kundalini yoga that he learned from the Master he met in rehab.
Starseeds can carry 24 to 48 strands of DNA. A few Humans (100, to be exact, and he’s one) carry 144 strands. “The Mighty Hundred.” There are 50 male, 50 female, and he’s met 6 others of them.
Super soldiers are different, they do have a higher genetic potential than other humans and they’re part of Solar Warden.
The EBS is looking like it will take place in August/September. The White Hats have all the evidence they need to take down the entire deep state, replace the old control structure with the QFS, and institute NESARA/GESARA.
Project ODIN will take over all airwaves, and for 10 days, the doubles/clones will be arrested, and disclosure of Extra-Terrestrials, healing tech, replicators, etc. will take place.
The Quantum computer, which is also biological and under the control of the Galactics, will be able to read the frequency of each of our heart chakras, The more compassion and love in our hearts, the greater access we’ll have to funds and resources.
The heart generates a greater frequency than the brain. The greater our frequency, the greater our abundance and unlimited access to funds.
We’ll be a type 2 interplanetary system (think Star Trek), and are actually bypassing type 1 (think Buck Rogers).

Lord Melchizedek via Judith Kusel #magick #ufo #crackpot goldenageofgaia.com

“This is a time of huge transition, transfiguration as the Illumined Portals open and the immensity of it all, will start to reveal itself on all levels of humanity now. It is the complete splitting of the Old Earth and New Earth. Thus, the duality of the Old Earth is now being transfigured into Oneness and Unity Consciousness, and thus New Life and New Beginnings, AS ONE.

“The Illumination now being released expands the heart center even more, as the heart and third eye (All Seeing Eye) merges and the Cosmic Communication centers open in humanity, which were deliberately shut down in Atlantis, by those who wished to gain control over humanity. This has now been released and transmuted.
“At times there may be a sense of disorientation, fatigue, yet is this Alchemy in the highest form, as you are being changed from a dense and slow and low vibrational state and life, into the 5th and in the next few years, the 7th. Thus, the shift into a totally different, much higher frequency LightBody, and life. Duality now alchemized into Oneness, Unity, Harmony, Balance, Wholeness.

“As the dormant faculties of the All-Seeing Eye awakens even more, you will now be able to see what you could not see before, to hear what you could not hear before, and the access knowledge and wisdom which could not be accessed before!

“Allow this Alchemical Process!

“Allow yourself to be transformed alchemically from one state to another, from one form of life to a completely different one, from a very dense physical form, into the much Lighter, brighter, and more fluid, LightBody form and into a Light-Love-Wisdom filled existence and multi-dimensionality!

“It is all happening, and it meant to be!

“I have Spoken!” (Lord Melchizedek and the High Order of Melchizedek)

Children on the “Ever Given” Cargo Ship via Losha #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #wingnut goldenageofgaia.com

We are the children who died while we were being held on the cargo ship called the Ever Given (Losha note…their collective age is about eight years old, here).

Everyone was talking about the ship, and what it might be holding…well, it was “holding” us. There were a lot of us on that ship who did not live to be rescued. We are very sad about that…but we have been told by the beings who are helping us now that we will not be sad for much longer.

They tell us that we have some “deprogramming” to do…they say we have to let go of all the bad stuff that happened to us. They say that we have had other lifetimes that we will learn about later…but right now, all we want to do is to feel better…no more pain, no more darkness, no more being afraid, no more loneliness.
All of us were “hidden” in the cargo ship, so we would not be found. It took a long time for the rescuers to find us…and by then it was too late for many of us. We are glad that almost half of us were found alive, but we wish it could have been all of us.

We were treated very bad…we were hungry a lot, and we had to sit next to our own poop. We were forced to watch as the “bad ones” did things to some of us…there was nothing we could do to stop it. We felt bad that we couldn’t help our friends.

We just want to tell what happened to us so it never happens again…so, please tell anyone who can help save the rest of the boys and girls who are still being treated bad (in other locations), so they won’t have to hurt any more. They need your help! Please pray for us and send us love. Thank you.

Suzanne Maresca #ufo #magick #conspiracy #wingnut goldenageofgaia.com

Our mind creates the reality that we perceive. We, through our own energy field, are connected to everything in a Universe that’s mostly filled with wave form, quantum energy. What we transmit into this field is like a stone tossed into water. The wave form can morph into particle form with intention, filling the space with endless possibilities.

Team dark wants us all to be feeling truly low and hopeless, full of impotent rage and anger, and subsequently putting that vibe out into the quantum field and generating more negativity. The last thing they want to see is Humanity waking up to embrace our full power and potential.
Food plants destroyed by fire all over the place; baby formula mysteriously becoming scarce while the criminal, Bill Gates promotes his lab-created ‘breast milk’; unfriendlies buying up U.S. farmland and entire home developments, presumably with the intention of starving us out to make us eat bugs and only be renters of pod-like dwellings instead of free and sovereign homeowners. There’s so much more to not focus on…

Screw all that! Tell me we haven’t got a massive portion of the Human Collective ready and willing to tell these negative creatures that their absence is required. We say NO to all their stupid plans, and we regard them as the insignificant and irrelevant-to-our-world things that they are. Be gone from this place! We banish thee forever.

Their nasty scenarios playing out successfully never really enter my thoughts. In my bones, I know that it’s our belief in the good, true and beautiful of this world, and the understanding that we hold of our place in this unfolding and in this beautiful Quantum Field…those things are what make it turn out nicely for Earth and for Humanity, after all.

Digger Barr #magick #ufo #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

The ringing won’t stop.
Not for about a month now.
It has been off and on for years. But about a month ago, my right ear began a steady high pitch ring in earnest.

I am not interested in stopping it. I am more interested in listening to it.
What do you suppose its saying?
It doesn’t really feel like it’s entirely in my ear.
It kinda sounds like it is near the upper temple and offset to the right. Like it’s in midair.
It isn’t really a steady tone if you listen closely it has kind of a wave feeling to it. Some moments the volume subsides and other times it is very distant but it’s there.

Today it came in and turned the dial up. It got my attention immediately and so I tuned in.
This shift was almost palatable.
It became tangible in a holographic way.
It took form in my mind’s eye.
I could see the smoothness of the surface.
It was a deep silver, almost liquid silver and smoother than glass.
I reached out to touch it.

It felt solid but so smooth and had no temperature to it at all, making it seem mutable.
The expectation that I would distinguish a surface by a cooler or warmer sensation gave contrast to the fact there was none.
I was touching an object that I could not feel but I could clearly hear.
An invitation to join in the transmission of higher frequency around the planet. I am actually already doing it. Many are already actively engaging with the grid transmission. Grids are being connected and humanity is very much a part of it.

This ‘invitation’ seems to be more of an awakening to the knowing that we, I, am a part of it.
For those who haven’t heard, this is the gridding of Gaia. The Portal between November 5 to November 11, 11/11, is active and a call has been sent out for Gaians to anchor this energy into Gaia.

This makes total sense to me.
Of course, we are the ones we have been waiting for.
Why are we waiting to be rescued?
Well yes, there are eco political affairs that are beyond us.
But the raising of our own frequency is entirely upon ourselves.

Dr. Schavi #ufo #magick #quack goldenageofgaia.com

At 0719 Universal Time (2:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time), an extremely powerful “M.5-Class” solar flare blasted from our Sun.

Shortly after, at 1009 Universal Time (5:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time) an “M.1-Class” flare exploded.

Sunspot numbered AR3014 which is directly facing our planet has a beta gamma delta magnetic field for “X-Class” flares.

At 10:36 AM (EDT), solar winds were traveling at 518.5 kilometers per second.

The Schumann Resonance (“Power” from vibrational frequency and amplitude of Earth/Gaia’s being activated by strong cosmic forces) is rated thus far at “52” and being called “Strong Activity.”

Ancient “normalcy” of the “Power” levels (prior to modern times and the research of Dr. Weinfried Otto Schumann, for whom the vibrational frequency and amplitude studies of our planet were named) during the time of the “Rishis” (“Sages”) was “7.83” cycles per second.
For several weeks, the Sun has been unleashing major energetics, seemingly more powerful than in past months.

Also, as mentioned in a previous update, there are clusters of sunspots being detected now ~not just singular ones peppered throughout the solar disk.

Our Sun has an enormous effect upon all of creation on our planet ~ people, animals, plants, etc.

Creation receives and transmits energy.

We are continually in a process of SOUND AND LIGHT TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION through our thoughts, emotions, and mind sets ~ all of which activate our cellular records and the DNA within them, particularly the mitochondria or information sending and receiving aspect of our DNA.

Our total nervous system (central nervous system, parasympathetic, sympathetic, and autonomic) is continually being “charged” with signals.
The transformational process is challenging.

It is not fun being dizzy, exhausted, aching, anxious, unable to sleep, having problems on a job or in the community, and more. However, “labor” is not fun.

Yet, everyone has some “labor” to contend with as we are “re-birthed.”

Steve Bekow #wingnut #conspiracy #magick #mammon goldenageofgaia.com

4/11/2022 = 22/11/11 + 22

Rumor is all we have to go on since the mainstream media will not be reporting current events.

I mean that in three senses: first in the sense that they suppress and deny the news for ideological reasons and second, that the plug will be pulled on them when the Alliance activates the emergency alert system (EAS). So there won’t be a cabal-controlled mainstream media.

Until now the cabal has laughed at us by urging their adherents to ask us for proof, knowing that proof has been labelled misinformation and disinformation, truth-tellers “deplatformed,” “cancelled,” or censored, and none of our proof looked at or reported on.

But, hey, this is war, isn’t it? And we know the tactics.

This is also a hidden war but we know the outcome.

We know that, looking at just ourselves for the moment, if we want to ascend, we will. (Ascension is inclusive, not exclusive.) We just have to get from here to there and we’ll be fine. We know we have galactic and celestial help in getting there. Finally we know that, as lightworkers, we are protected (except for lightworkers whose contract is to get in harm’s way).
NESARA, the Reval, the Prosperity Packages all will equip us as an army of citizens, humanitarian philanthropists, who will have the means and who’ll be looking for the redistribution channels.

Previously I worried about what I’d do with my funds. And then, in an email from Suzy Ward, Hatonn popped in and reassured me. Keep in mind that he’s not talking about the Reval flow, but about much larger flows of funds that a “pipeline” or “flowthrough” handles.


“This is Hatonn. You are worrying needlessly. You won’t have to make decisions about what to do with money when it’s available.

“St. Germain’s plan will be revealed to the people in charge and that information will be given to you. It’s not that your ideas won’t be valuable, but they’ll be used within the parameters of the big picture.”

Matthew Ward via Suzanne Ward #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

Perhaps especially among lightworkers, who know that Earth’s exit from third density is imminent, there is concern because turmoil isn’t abating, and in some instances, seems to be increasing. We want to set your minds at ease about this by explaining why the world situation is what it is…

Energy is neutral, but streams of energy can be directed by their attachments of thought forms. The forms are actual substances, albeit invisible to your vision, and they are created by every thought, feeling and action of every life in existence. Thus the attachments are either positive or negative in nature, and this universe is teeming with both.
Not only are those negative streamer attachments being generated there, they are emanating from there. Through the physics that governs life in this universe, energy generated anywhere shoots out into space, attracts and attaches itself to the nearest similar energy and, like a boomerang, returns with that reinforcement.
By now, the Illuminati are desperate as their last few tattered remnants of influence – the media and segments of military forces and the economy – are disappearing. Tyrannical rulers also are running scared because their counterparts in some other countries have been overthrown by the citizenry. And many millions are living in fear because of those dark ones’ activities.
Creator’s law of free will gives them the right to deny themselves light, but they cannot stop its cosmic forcefulness. Earth’s ascension course has reached a vibratory level of intensive energy surges and those are blocking the path of energy streamers with tempestuous negativity. Since those streamers can neither turn around nor go forward into fourth density, they are being forced to spend themselves fast and furiously.

Archangel Michael Through Celia Fenn #magick #ufo #fundie goldenageofgaia.com

Beloved Light Family on Earth, it has been a time of rapid change and transition on the Earth in the last six months! Since the Aquarius Gate in February, you entered into a period of accelerated frequency and personal “expansion”. This was felt at the big shifts of the 22nd February and the 22nd March, as well as the Eclipses and the Equinox and the Solstice, and more recently the 6/6/6 and 7/7 Portals.

Each shift has brought you to a higher and finer frequency, so that you are ready to make a quantum “leap” as you transit the Lions Gate in late July and August. The 8/8 will be a pinnacle moment when you will step forward into the “expanded” version of yourself.
Beloved Ones, these New Earth communities will be founded on Love and Compassion, and integrity and clarity. They will be an expression of the “Shining Ones” and the “Pure Ones” of the Christ Consciousness and the Magdalene Avatar line.
Beloved Family of Light, this year’s Lions Gate will indeed be powerful, and we urge you to come together with your Soul Family and Tribes to celebrate and ground and anchor these new energies.

The keys words are Expansion and Transformation. Becoming All that you can BE at this time and expanding your service to the Divine according to your Soul Blueprint.

The Elohim Angels and the Royal Star Lions will be present to assist you and help you to find your personal power.

The Sirian Star Teachers will also be present to bring the Sirian Star Teachings on Ascension and to help you to remember who you are at this time. Mary Magdalene as the Avatar of the Feminine Christ energy will be with you, as will Yeshua as the Avatar of the Masculine Christ energy. As will many other Angelic Beings and Galactic Beings and Ascended Masters.

It will be a Grand Celebration of Higher Frequency and Love and the New Earth!

Steve Beckow #crackpot #ufo goldenageofgaia.com

Each time I think of how to fix the broken systems, mostly governmental, one side or the other presents itself in my mind telling me I’m being partisan (which means supporting the other side).

I can’t think about government from within our systems. Our systems are hopelessly broken and refuse to look at themselves.

Instead of every woman and man looking at themself and saying, well, this is what I could have done and didn’t, this is what I did that I probably should not have done, we have incessant fingerpointing.
Our governments are gridlocked. So many politicians are said to be corrupt. Before bills get passed, they’re loaded with pork-barrel amendments.

I think we have to start with the new and let the old, the deep state – the matrix – collapse under its own dead weight.

So what’s the new in government?

It’s like I have a bleacher full of folks on the other side shouting in my ear: “Conciliar.”

Councils. Is that not how things work in the higher dimensions? Some examples:

- The Earth Council with Wakana Taka its current representative to … the Intergalactic Council.
- Arcturus (and most other planets and star systems) has a High Council of which the Lord Arcturus is, as the Arcturians through Sue Lie once said, “a leader [of] the leaders.” (1)
- The Intergalactic Council with Grener of Ashira as its leader among leaders.
It’s perhaps impossible for us to imagine why such a system might work. We have to take into consideration the fact that all higher-dimensional people – and we’ll be joining them soon – are filled to the brim with a love of a kind unknown to almost all of us on the Third/Fourth Dimension. It’s this love that makes everything work in the higher realms.

Without factoring that love into the equation, we cannot see how any global, regional, or local governmental arrangement might work. If we do factor it in, however, instantly the problem of getting along evaporates. As we’ll see after our Ascension.

Judith Kusel #crackpot #ufo #magick goldenageofgaia.com

Infinite Being and all cosmic existence are in multiple forms, in octaves of existence and dimensions exist simultaneously.

It is in intricate masterly movement of simultaneous existence, in one single eternal dance of perfection, and not one single cog in the giant spiraling vortex of Creation is out of place nor nonfunctional – creation always exists in perfection.

Yet it is then forever expanding onto itself, continuously. Nothing is ever static. The laws of death and rebirth are one continuous cycle for nothing which is stagnant can ultimately enhance the greater spirally flux and therefore it will disintegrate in its stagnancy at some point.

What I have discovered in the last few years of my earthly and cosmic journeys, when I started to tap into the different dimensions and the Super consciousness Energy fields, is that life on this planet is not only in existence in the all too familiar 3D world. Therefore we truly cannot measure life or life forms, or any form of existence, just one the physical world alone.

There are OCTAVES of simultaneous existences all working together AS ONE SINGLE UNIT, ONE single ENERGY FIELD – but in different dimensional states and then in a type of time-warp mechanisms, where one cannot tap into the higher octaves of co-existence, if one is not ready to step into them.
Now, if you would step into the 7th dimensional state, with your very dense physical body, with very low and slow mechanisms which are holding it together in that state, you would disintegrate.. Your physical form would not be able to hold its low frequency band and therefore cannot hold form in the 7th dimensional state or higher.

You can however access the 7th dimensional state through your soul (and the soul connects directly to the heart energies) which is infinitely connected and exists in multiple dimensional, parallel lives and Universes, in other galaxies SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Steven Beckow #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #quack goldenageofgaia.com

They have imposed fake solutions like the COVID injections of poison elements, which is most dangerous, altering the Human DNA with RNA and thus eliminating the human body from its own natural immune function of battling illness. This alone can cause the loss of life in the future of up to 70% of all those persons who have taken the fake vaccines promoted by all means of media under the control of the same cabal illuminati oligopolists.
They at this Time, transporting large Armies of foreign UN and Chinese Military to complete the Works of Death, Desolation, and Tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty and Perfidy, scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous Ages, and totally unworthy to Head of a civilized Nations. Their tools of choice include leadership of Federal Government Agencies such as the CDC, FDA, UN, CCP, and agencies CIA, FBI, MI6, with Government authorities in Central Banks robbing all sovereignty of nations and its people.
They have excited domestic Insurrections amongst us with Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements of violence, and have endeavoured to bring on the Inhabitants of our communities, cities and government, the merciless Rule of Warfare, is an undistinguished Destruction, of all Ages, Sexes and Conditions.
We, therefore, the Representatives of the UNITED “STATES” OF AMERICA, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of this great nation, solemnly Publish and Declare, That these United “States” are, and of Right ought to be, Free and Independent States; that they are absolved from all Allegiance to the oligopolists, cabal illuminati secret societies, and that all political Connection between them in the United States and Abroad, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent United States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent countries may of right do.

Celia Fenn #magick #ufo #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

So, as we move towards the Aquarius Gate and the 2/2 2022 Portal, energies remain high.

What is being experienced very deeply right now is the healing and reactivation of the Divine Feminine energy flows within our DNA.

You may feel this as strange surges of feeling and emotion as these magnetic energies are brought into full activation in your body.

These are different symptoms to the electrical and nervous system energies that have previously dominated. Now you may feel an “emptiness” as the Feminine flow asks you to rest and slow down.

You may feel very emotional and sad as you suddenly connect with all the times when you did not love yourself enough to say no and create boundaries.

But mostly, this beautiful energy is helping you to know yourself as a beautiful, loving and compassionate being who is connected to the Source and empowered as a Co-Creator of Reality.

This emergence of the Divine Feminine power is an indication that you have found the frequency of the New Earth timeline.

Breathe deeply and open your heart!

This is a miracle of healing! The Divine Feminine is anchored and Divine Love flows through us once again.

More Miracles will follow!

Steven Bercow #crackpot #wingnut #magick goldenageofgaia.com

Your email suggests that you’ve been actively fighting the cabal and I honor your military service.

I get your fury. I agree that the cabal’s crimes have been incomprehensibly evil – and I don’t use that word often. They “deserve” to be executed.
Secondly, I wonder if we’re worried that the cabal will escape justice or get away with something if we don’t execute them? However, the truth is, by the outworking of universal laws, no one gets away with anything on the other side.

What awaits the cabal’s high-level members? Perhaps read about where they’ll go – the Dark Plane.

Any life lived on the Dark Plane is miserable. The inhabitant must endlessly relive each dark event, experiencing the feelings of their victims as well as their own.

The place itself is undesirable in every way. The souls are ministered to and helped to progress out of this pit.
For those who are absolutely evil and intransigent and have been given ample opportunity to pull back, there’s a fate we’d think of as ultimate: A return to the First Dimension.

That means starting all over again from the bottom of the evolutionary ladder, which ultimately leads back to God for everyone, even the evil.
Do we have an account of it happening to anyone? Yes, we do. Philip Gilbert, who was to me on the afterworld what Matthew Ward is on this world (a credible informant, an honest witness to the truth), described his assignment to “cope” with “the Belsen gang.”

The Belsen gang were Nazi SS officers who ran Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, deemed one of the worst of the Nazi death camps. Camp guard Irma Grese, formerly a black magician, was sent back from her Earth life to the First Dimension to start over again.
Therefore, there’s no reason for sullying our entrance into the Golden Age by executing “millions” of our “enemies.” I see no justification for it and cannot live with the idea of such an action.

Dr. Schavi #ufo #magick #crackpot goldenageofgaia.com

The Super Full Moon in Tropical/Western Aquarius and Sidereal/Vedic Capricorn arrives on Thursday, August 11th, at 9:36 PM (EDT).

As has been previously mentioned, A Super Full Moon is when our lunar orb is closer to our planet, and about 15 percent brighter than a usual monthly Full Moon.

Because the Moon represents emotions, a Super Moon enhances whatever is felt.

Global events will be much more pronounced, such as political chaos, social upheaval, medical dysfunction, economic challenges, indoctrinated religious confusion, warfare and more.

In terms of geophysics, there are likely to be large earthquakes due to gravitational pulls being made by the Moon upon our planet, huge solar energetics (flares, winds, dense plasma particles, etc.), and up-leveled neutron counts and “KP Index.”

The Power (Schumann Resonance) will likely blast high-powered vibrational frequencies as Earth/Gaia is stirred, pulled, stretched and further elevated in Light.

Mankind’s technological devices may not register the intensity.

It further goes perhaps without reminding, that creation upon Earth/Gaia will also be stirred, pulled, and stretched physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Therefore, Light Activation Experiences (“LAEs”) will be tremendous for many. Some people are beginning to handle LAEs more easily as greater Light is given to them without their resisting it.

Thus, they are working with Source more avidly and not against it ~ even though they, too, are having some LAEs, because everyone is moving through a powerful transformational process. Some days the labor is more intense than on other days.
If anyone has not already done so, they need to review all ways in which they ground themselves emotionally, because emotions, which are magnetic frequencies, affect the mental, electrical frequencies, and the physical vessel out-pictures as discomforts.

There are already discomforting LAE occurrences as we move through the re-birthing process.

Magenta Pixie/Suzanne Maresca #ufo #magick #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

When asked if the three-world split is happening now, The Nine respond by saying that a portal opened with the solar eclipse of December 4th, and we’re on the very precipice of the trifurcation.

There are three aspects of future society manifesting within the trifurcation ~

Draconian rule and assimilation to AI society, driven by fear;
Indigo uprising of people who won’t go along, but they are also without harmony. It’s draining to fight that fight;
Spiritual bypass of the physical, only communing with the Divine. Escapism is the tool used here.
This, however, is the inversion of the trifurcation, where all 3 are still under the control of the old.
To reach the genuine trifurcation, there must be a unification of the indigo and spiritual souls. Those living with one foot in both worlds are playing the roles of scouts and informers in the lower densities, acting as bridges to awaken those existing within the AI/Borg society.

Both manifestations are on track to happen, the false awakening as well as the true one.
However, there are those keeping Humanity on track to keep the 5th dimension code alive. That torch is now passed to us. Without our conscious intentional magic, there can be no New Earth, yet we are here, and we are creating it.

Human solidarity creates the singularity event for all universes and metaverses. Those who remain as Humans hold greatly heightened abilities: the collective Galactic body that is Humanity on Earth.

The Photon Belt is flooding us and activating codes that unify our DNA and environment. It gives power both individually and collectively. We do this not only for Humanity, but for the soul experience and life-giving force of positive polarization.

We are being asked to hold our sovereignty. The trifurcation will happen. The eclipse was a portal opening, heightening the psychic abilities of all on the planet. This initiation is of the Diamond Sun Light Body.

Suzanne Maresca/JC Kay #conspiracy #wingnut #transphobia #magick #ufo goldenageofgaia.com

- Antarctica is a meeting place for world leaders to negotiate with the demonic entities that have controlled the planet. It’s not a physical location, which fits with the description of Agartha as a space and not a place.

- JC describes the beings operating out of Antarctica as demonic. She drew a picture and it literally looks like Darth Maul. They’ve used the area to control the Matrix, which both begins and ends there. It’s how they’ve used the planet as a farm. They create simulations for us in order to feed off of us, our flesh and energy both.

- They captured the divine feminine and divine masculine in order to trap us. She speaks of the transgenderism prevalent among human leaders. They want to create male and female in one being. They want to destroy our ability to create through destroying the family unit.

- She confirms that Humans are used as food, and the CCP was best at providing these creatures with all the fear, control, food and loosh they wanted. They were rewarded with one location in China where the entities could not come in to interfere or eavesdrop…and that location is the Forbidden City.
- She talks about how these beings have instructed their minions to use numerology and certain dates in order to anchor their matrix into the planet and manipulate our reality in this time frame.

- Multidimensional realities do exist. The good guys are in control, and they do have it all, meaning they have control of the matrix now. At this point they’re just waiting for the bad guys to “get the F outta here!”

Lord Melchizedek via Natalie Glasson #crackpot #magick #ufo goldenageofgaia.com

Greetings, I am the consciousness and the collective energy of Melchizedek known as Lord Melchizedek. I am the overseer of the universal level.

In this space of the universal level of the Creator’s Universe, I can view the entire universe, understanding all the ascension shifts that are taking place and how they impact the planetary level, the galactic level, the universal level, the multi-universal level, and the cosmic level. I, Lord Melchizedek wish to make you aware of an energy that is coming forth.

It is awakening energy from the cosmic level, a beautiful manifestation of light that is being created and appears as the most majestic lion. It is known as the Awakening Cosmic Lion. This energy is moving through the entire universe of the Creator and the earthly planes as well.

The purpose of the Awakening Cosmic Lion is to touch souls with cosmic light that creates an awakening.

When we think of a lion, we may think of courage, confidence, bravery, being the leader of the pack. There are many qualities that we can recognize in a lion and the energy that is coming forward, holds these qualities of journeying bravely with courage, being very relaxed and confident in one’s own body, and ascension process, as well as strength. These qualities are being activated within souls so that they may have the courage to move forward upon their ascension process and journey.
When you invite the lion forth, it will come to sit with you. It might snuggle up to you, lie down on its side before you or it may sit and stare deeply into your eyes.

The lion may begin to cry, these tears are very healing because the lion is releasing on your behalf the separation energy. The tears will melt into your energy field offering immense healing.
The lion is a rainbow lion filled with all the colors and aspects of the Creator’s light. I, Lord Melchizedek, I am watching as the lion walks through the universe of the Creator and touches souls, it is truly a magnificent experience.

Patricia Cota-Robles #crackpot #ufo #magick goldenageofgaia.com

This 40-day purging process began when we entered the 11:11 Portal of Light on November 11, 2021, and it will be brought to fruition during the December Solstice. The first step of this 40-day process began with the influx of Light that occurs every year on November 11th, 11:11. Eleven is the master number that reflects THE TRANSFIGURATION FROM THE PHYSICAL INTO THE DIVINE. Every man, woman, and child embodied on Earth has the sacred geometric codes of 11:11 imprinted within the Divine Potential of our RNA and DNA structures. These codes are activated by our I AM Presence when we move through various phases of our Ascension process. On November 11, 2021, our I AM Presence activated these genetic codes in NEW and profound ways. This accelerated the Divine Alchemy of Humanity’s Transfiguration from carbon-based planetary Beings into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Beings.

Since this purging process began on November 11th, we have experienced several influxes of Light that have been secured in the physical plane of Earth through the Heart Flames of Awakening Humanity. This week we are anchoring the Light of the final stages of a very powerful Eclipse Series that began on November 19th with a Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse and will be brought to fruition on December 3rd and 4th with a greatly intensified New Moon Total Solar Eclipse.

The completion of this Eclipse Series is paving the way for the Activities of Light that will take place on December 12th. On December 12th, 12:12, we will experience a multidimensional Celestial alignment that will open a Portal of Light that has been building in momentum for over 500 years. The influx of Light from this Portal will intensify until the Activities of Light that will occur during the December Solstice, thus preparing the way for the Birth of the Life-transforming New Year 2022.

Steven Beckow #ufo #conspiracy #wingnut #magick goldenageofgaia.com

There are three events that lightworkers are waiting for – the Reval, Ascension, and Disclosure.

The Reval is the re-evaluation of currencies that will provide lightworkers who participate with the funds to begin humanitarian projects. (1)

Ascension is the raising of our collective vibration to a point where one of the Divine Mother’s created environments (the Third Dimension) recedes from view and we find ourselves in a totally-different, love-suffused environment on one of a number of higher dimensions.

Disclosure is the disclosure of the existence and intimate partnership of our star family with us and that brings us to the present book.

This book is about Disclosure but it goes on within an environment that is experiencing a gradual Ascension, punctuated by enlightening events like the Singularity (2) and Ascension itself. (3)

What does our star family tell us about ourselves? We’re a specially designed race of homo sapiens, created by star civilizations like the Pleiadians and Sirians to inhabit a world created by the Mother for her angels to experience love in a physical setting.

The Third Dimension is the lowest rung of the ladder on which one be conscious and have a form. It’s only up from here. And “up” is where they come from – higher dimensions, our future.
Disclosure cannot take place so long as the population might panic and the deep state is doing all it can to encourage that. Hence the channeled communication from the galactics, the flybys and appearances, the monoliths, and all the other evidences of their presence.

What we can do is to familiarize ourselves as much as possible with everything we can know about them so that we’re not take aback when they appear. People seem to look around at a time like this and see how others were reavting. Our calmness could convince others that the situation is OK.

Judith Kusel #crackpot #magick #ufo #fundie goldenageofgaia.com

We are now shifting deeper into the 5th dimensional frequency bands, as the 7th dimensional state is already making itself felt, as the pyramids, sphinxes and sacred sites fully awaken, as they were programmed to, many ages ago, especially just before the final fall of Atlantis.

What this means is the insurgence of the Cosmic Energy Updates will increase, and now being amplified by the fully activation of these ancient centers, technologies and indeed 7th dimensional consciousness – the consciousness and dimensional state the earth was originally created in, and thus returning back into, with the New Earth.
Archangel Metatron is over-lighting the Ascension process with Seraphim Seraphina. We can call upon him, to assist us, to keep us disciplined and focused and to assist us through this process. I work intensely with the High Order of Melchizedek and with Lord Melchizedek, and I always call him in, when I need to be helped or get clarity about something. Seraphim Seraphina will sing over you, if you ask her and indeed assist your ascension process through the use of the sacred tones.

More than this the triad of the Universal Angel Mary, Mother Mary and Isis, are all here now to assist the opening of the higher heart, with Mary Magdalene, who is deeply involved in the not only the heart opening, but the return of the highest Sacred Teachings, with the Triad, of the Divine Feminine.
In the 5th dimensional state and higher Divine Will becomes our will, as we are in highest alignment with All That Is, as we fully embrace our own Divinity.

To be on this earth – but not of it!

Indeed when we embrace our own infinity, we realize that indeed the higher one’s own vibrational frequency bands, the more one moves into limitless space, where all things are possible – whatever one conceived in the heart and soul and with love, sprouts into form and being!

Steven Beckow #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #wingnut goldenageofgaia.com

Knowledge is power, they say, and so here is knowledge of the nature of Reality. Here is knowledge of the One God we all kill each other fighting for.

Fighting or not, we all of us are embarked on the same journey – From God to God, from ignorance to Self-Knowledge, from hardship to ecstacy.

The nearer we get to our destination the better we feel. That can’t be said for the outcome of war.

Our religions, though they started out sincerely, have fallen under the control of cabals and elites who’ve used them as a means of control.

Some religions claim that they’re the only road to salvation. Others claim that those who don’t worship their God, or don’t get baptized, or don’t confess the founder of their faith are damned.

It’s said that the same cabal or elite that rules this planet used the strategy of divide and conquer and nowhere did it work better than with religion.

Soon we’ll be seeing many religious leaders tried for crimes like pedophilia and satanic sacrifices. Already buildings like the Vatican have been shut down.

Our views of spirituality stand to change mightily in the years ahead. Teachers from higher dimensions will begin to correct some of the fabrications and manipulations that have passed for religious doctrine and practices.

A cross-cultural spirituality may have a short life span before becoming multidimensional and omniversal.

These essays are part of building Nova Earth; specifically, Nova Spirituality. As a collection, they set out the situation as things stand. It’s like a knowledge baseline from a terrestrial standpoint.

I anticipate then that galactic masters, angelics, and other higher-dimensional beings will give us an overview of which this will form, if I’m lucky, one puzzle piece.
I hope to show how different words are used to point to the same three levels of reality, which levels can be found in most if not all religions.

Another way of saying that is that these essays look at the purpose of life and the Divine Plan to accomplish it.

John F. Kennedy via Losha #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #magick goldenageofgaia.com

Message from John F. Kennedy

My beloved Patriots…we are almost there! I ask you to hold the line for just a bit longer!

I know the wait seems interminably long, however those of you who have studied the long and sordid history of our United States (and the world), know “why” it is taking this long…there is so very much to sort out!

I am so very proud of all you Patriots, Light Workers, Truth Seekers, and all others, who have almost literally “sacrificed” your families and friends in order to follow the Truth.

As I seem to do in most of my messages through this muse, I would also like to spend a moment to gently remind each one of you, as to how very important your individual contributions are, and your very life! is, toward helping President Trump (yes, he is still President!) and his stalwart colleagues to strategize the last few “take downs” of Evil, that are still running rampant.

Please continue to live your lives with passion…passion for our Freedom, our Sovereignty, and our Love for Life! Every thought you think, and every action you take, is contributing in a positive or negative way, toward “creating” that very real, Freedom, for all of us. So, please continue to pray for our President Trump and all who are helping us fight for our Right!…our Right to Be Free!

President Trump had to be prepared to sacrifice his very own “right to life” as he took on this immense and solemn effort, along with his own family’s right to live, also…in order to allow all of us to be Free, once again! All Love and Honor to our President!

Steven Beckow #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #quack goldenageofgaia.com

WHEN in the Course of recent human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the each State in the United States, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them!

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security. Such has been the patient Sufferance of these States in the United States; and such is now the Necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The History of the present influence of oligopolists supporting the secret societies such as the illuminati cabalist is a History of repeated Injuries and Usurpations, all having in direct Object the Establishment of an absolute Tyranny over not only the great people of the United States but all people of all nations in the Globe. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid World.

They refused Assent to Laws by corruption of the truth, of which is evidenced by the 2020 US Elections Fraud and Misrepresentations at every level, we the people have been usurped of our legal right to exercise and see through our basic right to vote, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good and proper representation.
They have abdicated the true United States Government, by declaring us out and without rights and waging War against us, killing us softly with vaccines altering our DNA with RNA, HIV and other poisonous elements.
<<cont. next post>>

Council of Light via Jenny Schlitz #crackpot #ufo #magick goldenageofgaia.com

The intensity of things have really sped up. The sun is very active and sending in lots of plasma to assist us with these deep changes. The Schumann Resonance, the heartbeat of the Earth, is speeding up as well.

I shared with my Aura Cleanse members that I was told and shown that Earth has been moved back on track. It seems we were going off in left field. They showed me an image of a lasso pulling the Earth back into alignment with the universe and this is exciting good news! Even though the process of uncovering and working through all that was not in alignment in our inner and outer worlds is a challenge. It is still good news.

I was recently in a meeting with the Council of Light. It was the largest meeting I have ever attended. It was as if all the smaller councils had gathered and there were many, many spectators.

In this meeting it was explained that the earth is getting ready to go through tremendous change. It was likened to a pregnant woman that moved from contractions like Braxton Hicks to full active labor.
Here is what was said:

“With this labor is a mass exodus of energies that no longer will be able to sustain themselves in the increasing frequency. With each contraction the vibration on Earth and within humans will rise.

Each person at a soul level is being given the option to leave or continue forward. There are those that have reached their goal of moving from one vibrational frequency to the next or who have anchored in what was needed and this is enough."
"The braiding of the Divine feminine and Divine masculine within the DNA will shift each person and could cause many symptoms as mentioned before particularly in the realm of mental health.”

The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton #ufo #crackpot goldenageofgaia.com

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are gathering enough data to support all humans on all timelines, in all realities and universes. We have broadened the scope of the help that we are offering at this time to include those humans who do not exist in your reality, on your timeline, or in your universe right now.

We want you to understand how significant that is, because as all versions of you are assisted, you benefit. You are not just growing as the individual that is in your physical body right now. Even past and future versions of you are helping you to evolve and ascend.

Therefore, you can take the weight of the world off of your shoulders.


Now, as we have been focusing on these other versions of you, we have come to appreciate this human collective consciousness that we are addressing right now through the channel here.

We are very impressed with your growth and evolution; we know that our energy transmissions have helped, but there are also many other wonderful teachers out there who are assisting you in raising your vibration and becoming more of who you really are.

You already are your fifth-dimensional selves, and in every moment of every day you are recognizing that truth and letting go of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and stuck energies that hold you back from knowing yourselves as your true selves.


You are always being of service, no matter how it might look, and just by receiving this transmission right now, you are helping yourselves, all of your fellow humans, and all of the other yous throughout the multiverse. This is a wonderful time to be alive and in a human body on Earth, because of all this help and all of the transformation that will follow.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

Yeshua via Pamela Kribbe #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

Back then you were, or were created as, angels. Can you feel the tenderness and innocence of that original energy, that distant beginning in which you were first ‘moulded’, got to know ‘form’. All of a sudden you were ‘you’, distinct and separate from the others around you, and you experienced the miracle of being an individual. You were still so close to the source of divine light, that you were filled with love and overflowed with joy and creativity.
Remember the innocence of that age, remember what it was like to be this angel-deva-consciousness and how dearly you loved the Earth and all manifestations of life on it. Feel the childlike aspect of your consciousness back then. Despite your playfulness, you were in great awe of the guiding laws of life and you would not think of treating life forms with anything less than deep fondness and respect.
From other dimensions in the universe, beings started to meddle with Earth. Their purpose was to exert power and influence over life on Earth.

This happening, the interference of powerful dark energies which emerged out of nothing from your point of view, deeply shocked your angel-selves.
A new stage ensued in your history, in which you got caught up in various galactic wars and struggles.

Please take a moment to feel this happening, the fall from the playful energy of the angel-child to the harsh and angry energy of the galactic warrior. We are speaking of long periods of time. It may seem grand and unfathomable that you have gone through all this.
The two extremes of you, of angel-child and hardened warrior, needed to be brought together and transformed, and what place could be more suitable for this than Earth?

You felt deeply connected to this planet and you also sensed a ‘karmic obligation’ to improve conditions on Earth. You wished to change and lift the state of consciousness on Earth. So you became ‘lightworkers’.

You incarnated on Earth at the time of Atlantis.

Steve Beckow #conspiracy #wingnut #ufo #quack goldenageofgaia.com

While we slept, nefariousness crept up on us. We’re part of a global empire of world leaders who are dedicated to depopulation and control of the surviving 500 million. They run the governments and their colleagues have infiltrated more services and positions than we’d care to know about.

The alleged final words of one Illuminati child murderer was, “You’ll never stop us. We are everywhere.”

They keep themselves hidden, control the press, and ridicule those who seek to know the truth as “conspiracy theorists.”

We’re the ones who’ve awakened to their plans and methods and are uncovering what is for sure a global conspiracy, to kill billions – this round by Covid; other rounds by SARS, bird flu, swine flu, etc. I should add AIDS and Ebola, since all were biological weapons, mostly made at Fort Detrick, against the people of the planet.

They ridicule us the same as they ridiculed people who had extraterrestrial contact. Ridicule is an effective weapon.

Shall I throw in all the weather extremes they cause with their weather-warfare weapons? How about all the wars fomented to distract our attention from what they’re doing? And enrich themselves in the process of course.

We have to stop them. And the Freedom Convoys are, at the moment, the very best way to do it.
While the truckers are peaceful, there’s a hidden war transpiring against the deep state worldwide, as one underground installation after another is destroyed.
We have a part in the struggle to eradicate the influence of the Illuminati from all our societies, worldwide, even Antarctica.

I’m in for the long haul. The truckers have staked everything for my wellbeing. And I dearly hope you find yourself ready, willing, and able to commit yourself to endure as well.

We’re back again facing the same peril the British people did in 1939. I hope we make this, as they did then, our finest hour.

St. Germaine via Kathleen Mary Willis #crackpot #magick goldenageofgaia.com

“California needs rain. It needs moisture. It needs to have the water to sustain itself, the very earth, the trees, the plants, so it is a practical thing.

“Now, you do not need to apologize to your comrades all over the Earth because as you do for California you are doing for everywhere else that is drought-ridden.

“That is how it works:

“If you do it for One, you do it for All, so take that into account.

“You are focusing on the person receiving the healing on the bed; on the altar, as it were, is California, but it is for all drought-ridden places.

“The drought is lack and limitation.

“California is a golden place. It is a city of light and it is one of the most creative places on the planet.

“You are learning and you are applying how you can, through your very thoughts.

“The belief in your thoughts creates energy, because thought and Love are sheer energy.

“It is creation of a new belief system.

“You are powerful creators, and you, in the embrace of the elements, earth, wind, fire, water, you are embracing the elements in community, and you are talking to the element of water all over the planet.

“And as human beings, in partnership with the elements, you are saying:

‘Will you come with me, and will you rain in perfect harmony and proportion in California?’

“You are learning to work with Gaia and the elements themselves.

“So everyday you are talking to every molecule of water and saying:

‘Will you come with me and rain, and create a lush California yet again?

‘And will you share this bounty all over Gaia, in perfect balance and harmony?’

“Now, that is doing what you are capable of.”