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RE: Worldwide Covid Fascism is Here

(Jeremy Thompson)
With all this covid hysteria, you’d think there was a global ebola outbreak that killed 90% of those infected. The elite are seriously milking the hysteria for all its worth

(Nick Belt)
This is no longer about a vaccine. This is about total control and absolute power.

Alex Jones literally the sanest man in the room, never thought I would say that!

(Maddog McGraw)
i wouldnt have called myself at all religious last year, but my Lord, this really is begining to feel like the end times, get your mark or be persecuted... well, bring on the persecution then... dont worry gents, the world needs shepherds like yourselves...

(SHD 46)
Millions died so we would not need to show "papers" to live normal lives.

Good work Boris. You failed.

(proper job)
is there no legal means to fight againts this insanity? Are the human rights lawyers only for illegal immigrants? The objective is to get the kids jabbed up. just wait!

(Erik Johnsen)
Do not ever, ever, comply with authoritarians and their dictates. Fight them and destroy them. This is the only way that they will listen.

A tyrants blood for my freedom is a trade I’m willing to make.

(colin patton)

It’s an amazing argument the Israeli prime minister is making. If the vaccines are safe and effective, how are the unvaccinated endangering the vaccinated? If they are safe and effective, they are only endangering themselves and others who choose not to get vaccinated as well. The argument is self-defeating.

You are correct, I had this discussion with someone at work and it became about me not caring and killing people and the ages kept on getting younger-so surprised how easily brainwashed guys I've known for years have become

When this point is brought up they just can't understand and continue on script.



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