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The reason why White people haven't even begun to fight back against the countless anti-White attacks like this, is because our government has successfully employed terrorism to keep us submissive.

Yes, White people have been conditioned to fear the government. And said conditioning has worked brilliantly.

Due to the application of terrorism by the establishment, White people are afraid to even TALK about how to fight back. And this needs to change. No man should live in fear of discussing with his friends, family, and community how to protect themselves and their loved ones from a terrorist government.
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@Nature_and_Race If whites step out of line they're going to come down on us hard like Ruby Ridge and Waco.
Prepare accordingly.

@Nature_and_Race The Jews infiltrated White institutions and subverted them to their ends. I'm not sure White people are merely intimidated, I also think they haven't been clear as to what has happened to the institutions that their ancestors created and which - until very recently - appeared to them legitimate.

The entire ZOG system is slowly but increasingly wracked by a legitimacy crisis.

They can say 'our democracy' all they want, but it's a empty incantation.

Whether the reckoning will be 100% racial or some combination of racial and cultural (non-Whites who appreciate White values) or just a serious outbreak of fragmentation in all kinds of forms, a reckoning is coming.

The Jews have lost control of the narrative and of their own system of repression.

North America is too large to manage with violence alone. It always has been. If the War of Northern Aggression has gone on for six more months (possibly less), the entire continental order of the Union would have collapsed as well.

Things are much more unstable and interdependent now and the Jews, no matter how much they try, are not all going to get out of North America in time. Jews don't fly their own planes.

@Nature_and_Race We are terrorized from above as well as from below. Terror from above via government and institutionalized antiwhite-ism, terror from below via racial hostiles and other antiwhites, some of them members of our own race.



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