BellaBlue, crodish & pennygadget #transphobia

RE: India decides Trans and Queer rights more important than LGB- headed the Iran way.

( BellaBlue )
I read comments over on r/IndiaSpeaks and the commenters there were saying "We saw what America is like with their trans bullshit and we don't want that here. It started with gay marriage, and now look at the state of the U.S."

( crodish )
I hate this so much. That it always, ALWAYS goes back to, "we gave them gay marriage, and look what happened. We warned you this would be a slippery slope."

Except the people fucking up that "slippery slope" are the TQ. They are the ones "turning our kids queer", they are the ones "who want pedophilia and beastiality and necrophilia to be legalized next", they are the ones who are "coming after our children". And as much as I LOVE to pin it 100% on the TQ, I also know there are also genuine LGB people in the LGBTQ who believe and vocally support that shit. So I can't even "the LGB want none of this", because CLEARLY, some do.

I hate this SO much. That sexuality apparently IS "choice" now. That sexuality "can" be changed. That "we just want to live our lives" has been so completely bastardized. That the rainbow flag and its ever changing variants evokes such visceral disgust and anger in me nowadays instead of hope.

( pennygadget )
I blame organizations like GLAAD. They just had to find a way to keep donations flowing after gay marriage was legalized federally and most of the country became tolerant of homosexuality. They had to find a new victim group to raise money for. Enter the trans and the "queers"

It also served to bolster their ranks. You can't just make new gays and lesbians. But any person with a mental illness and/or a fetish (or just a bad haircut) can become trans and/or queer



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