Jake Sargeras #ableism youtube.com

(responding to an autistic person saying he hates anti-vaxxers saying autism is worse then plagues)
You really are self-centered. Just because you've managed to function in society at least ostensibly you know midgets aren't a blight on society either, but if you ask a lot of midgets if they could have the choice of being regular sized would they take it I think most of them would say yes. As someone who has a son who is autistic I can tell you right now I'm terrified for his future. He doesn't have any relatives so when me and my wife die he'll be alone in this world he'll probably be at the mercy of some sort of government facility or state-run Care Facility, he's not capable of living on his own, so who knows what'll happen to him. But yeah it's a real affront to your sensibility because I wish that scary future wasn't awaiting him possibly.



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