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Joe Biden can't read a teleprompter, yet shakes hands with ghosts. He’s laughed at by third world countries, He can't stay upright generally speaking. His presidency has been constant bank failures. As VP and President he’s covering for Hunter and his own questionable deals. The fentanyl epidemic, unprecedented violence, uncontrolled shoplifting, runaway inflation, toxic train derailments, $100 BILLION squandered on losing proxy war in Ukraine, widespread and conspicuous fires, Afghanistan military defeat, racial strife, worldwide devaluation of the dollar, demolition of the Nordstream II pipeline, depletion of strategic oil reserves, unsecured borders, drag queen story hour, and the woke indoctrination of children continue on under his approval will be his only legacy. Biden will go down in history as absolutely, unquestionably THE WORST president of this country. Period.
Handout Joe has been wasting American taxpayer money at an alarming rate! VOTE JOE BIDEN OUT!
Demorats are really proud of a president (Biden) that can't walk, talk, think on his own and doesn't have a spine. Shows how inept Democratic voters truly are!
America is sick of Joe Biden and the Democrats and their fake Democracy!
Biden's "accomplishments"...Let's see:
*Abandoned Afghanistan,
*Caused gas prices to rise dramatically, caused shortages in imports,
*Increased racial disharmony, responsible for more criminals being let loose on the streets, especially in big cities which brought increased crime statistics, *Brought tremendous inflation,
*Increased joblessness, brought "open borders" to the Southern border states with dramatically increased illegal invasion
Bidoom wants everything to go electric so that we won't depend
on fossil fuels. He is oblivious to realizing that it takes coal and oil
to make electricity! FOSSIL FUELS! AMERICA, don't buy into this propaganda
from the Bidum Cartel! Going electric only profits Jose' Bigoon!



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