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The Direction this page is heading under Masonic Editors

What is the point *IN YOUR MINDS* of having the Wikipedi entry be an exact mirror of hundreds of other Masonic websites? Don't you Masonic "lights" think people will just take one look at it, realize it is a duplicate of what they have seen elsewhere and trundle on off to say, the Catholic Encyclopedia entry on Freemasonry, or some other non-masonic website?

Masonry still retains among its emblems one of a woman weeping over a broken column, holding in her hand a branch of acacia, myrtle, or tamarisk, while Time, we are told, stands behind her combing out the ringlets of her hair. We need not repeat the vapid and trivial explanation... given, of this representation of Isis, weeping at Byblos, over the column torn from the palace of the King, that contained the body of Osiris, while Horus, the God of Time, pours ambrosia on her hair.

Illustrious Albert Pike 33°
Morals and Dogma, page 379

[Spinboy: I don't understand, Lightbringer, why you can't seem to come to a consensus with the other editors of this article on what should and shouldn't be included. They can seem to come to a consensus, yet you somehow are incapable of this.]

You don't seem to understand why I can't come to consensus with the Pro-Masonry Propagandist 'consensus's' deletion of any information they dislike? Go figure Jimmy.



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