Imagican #fundie

It's kind of amazing how those that try to make women equal to men always seem to try and point out: "you know, the words offered by Paul were certainly influenced by the politics and such of the 'time'."

What do you suppose that the politics and such of that time were 'based' upon? Where do you suppose the Jews learned their behavior from as concerns the 'place' of men and women?

The Bible clearly states that because of Eve's deception, part of her punishment was that she would be under the 'rule' of her husband: Adam. He would 'rule' over her.

And I find nothing throughout the rest of the Bible in it's entirety that alters this format.
So is it really up to us to debate the issue? If we claim to be believers in the Bible: God's Word, is there any room for debate if God's Word clearly states that man is the Head of woman?



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