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It is sad that many in the ministry are killing the little toddlers in the Lord Jesus Christ with the new bibles. They (the new bibles) are one of the major reasons that is causing the great falling away in these last days.

I tell people who give or sell new bibles to “baby” believers are like those natural parents who are giving their babies pop, tea or whatever to drink instead of the pure milk (of the word).

The new bibles are helping in big ways to cause the great falling away. When Satan poisons your food (the word of God) then he will mess you up spiritually speaking. In the natural, when we feed on junk food, we are slowly killing ourselves. In the spiritual, when we are feeding on junk food (new bibles) we are slowly killing ourselves...

I was teaching out of 6 or 7 different bibles years ago and since I only study and memorize the KJV, I was seeing all kinds of contradictions. I was getting close to quitting the faith, I was confused to say the least.



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