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After more than three years of Donald Trump not taking down satanic pedophiles and the “deep state” working against him, losing the election, then failing to order mass executions at Joe Biden’s inauguration, followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory are now claiming March 4 as the next significant date for the movement.

I believe lots of things that go against the mainstream thought pool, having come to these conclusions after years of painstaking research and looking for the truth. I believe that President Kennedy was assassinated by members of our own government, and that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the killer. I believe that the World Trade Centers were brought down by directed energy weapons. I believe that there is a shadow government within our government and they call all the shots. But I do not believe in anything QAnon has to say, never have and never will.
One reason why I reject QAnon is because they claim to be Christian but in fact are not, they believe and teach that it is man, and not Jesus Christ at the Second Coming, that will bring in a thousand years of peace and righteous world government. Another reason why I reject QAnon is because they say things that don’t happen, and when they’re wrong, instead of admitting it, they simply regroup and post some new lie. Look at their track record, their prophecies are just as bad the the Jehovah’s Witnesses accuracy rate, which is to say 100% wrong 100% of the time.

So no, March 4th will not see Donald Trump sworn in as president, but it will if you believe it send you into a deeper depression than the one you’re in right now after believing QAnon’s previous load of crap.



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