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So I have noticed recently that Negroes and Aboriginals are not the only race that has facial features that strongly resemble monkeys and primates. The Mongoloid race does as well. I have always found the Mongoloids and Native Americans to be extremely ugly looking, and even demonic looking. However, I never noticed how many Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Native or Mesoamericans look a lot like monkeys too. Native Americans and Mesoamericans are Mongoloid by race category so that makes sense. Ive met Guatamelan and Mexicans who look almost identical to many Koreans and Vietnamese. All these Mongoloid races seem to have very wide noses, similar to Negroes. Janice said in another post that she thinks Mongoloids were descended from a human mixed with yellow monkeys (obviously a fallen angel creation). This sounds very possible considering Mongoloids do look like monkeys, yet are lighter skinned .



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