EeeYepBlowing Whistles #fundie

If as a politician you can speak to the truth publicly then do so with ability. Trump & Farage have it. Trump & Farage can handle every dirty fake newsdog going. Trump is highly articulate and highly intelligent on so many subjects the likes of which Merkel and May could never last a minute under free-for-all-questioning. Farage also is as articulate as Trump - no wonder the UK elite hate him. In the UK our Labour & Tory politicians are a first world embarrassment for their controlled and contrived utterances in public.

Go Brexit and Go Trump - the European pro-EU politicals have made some very grave mistakes in not keeping up with the information age the times and the people and what has gone on in America.

Keep up the 'correction' that has been a long time coming Donald.

(later comment from him)
The British people already have clocked and gotten the Trump message - the shame and disgracefulness of it all is that the politicians and the media (all of them to use an Americanism are all caught way behind the curve) in the Uk are still mentally disturbed, spitting bile and still squaking around over a year after Brexit. Wake up you stoopid UK politicians you lost - Brexit won - now get with the people or you will find yourselves locked up.



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