John C. Wright #fundie

I don’t care if Dr Carson is a creationist or not. Indeed, my opinion of creationism goes up every time I hear of a rocket scientist or brain surgeon who supports it.

For that matter, George Washington was a creationist, as were all educated and civilized men before Darwin erected his rather tenuous hypothesis that species can change characteristics to a point where they form a new species, intersterile with their parent species via an blind process called by the oxymoron ‘natural selection’ (which is to say, unplanned planning; undesigned design).

This theory is not widespread because it satisfies scientific rigor (it does not) but because it pretends to offer a satisfactory explanation for the origin of man that is naturalistic and non-theistic (it is not).

The fact that no scientific observation or experiment has ever confirmed this origin story for man makes it, as far as I am concerned, a dogma of faith taken on authority, but, unlike a religious dogma of faith, by hypothesis there is no authority on which to rely whose word we trust when he tells us it is by this means new species originate.

I don’t care if Dr. Carson thinks the pyramids of Egypt stored the grain of Joseph. I am deeply ashamed for our nation that our press put this matter before public attention, and that the public, including me, is wasting our time with it.



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