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(Part 3 [Final] )

What? What’s that? Oh, “the offspring are not identical to the parents. I see. So supposedly since the offspring are not identical to the parents, this is supposedly because of the slow moving evolutionary process. Well, why didn’t the evolutionists of the past make this stupendous revelation. Weren’t the offspring of the past not identical to the parents 150 years in the past? Why didn’t Darwin say this, instead of confessing that he was worried about not having found as many transitional fossils in the past?

And for that matter, if not being identical to the parents is actually a glimpse of that slowly occurring evolution, why are bacteria and other one celled organisms, said to be replicating “IDENTICAL” COPIES OF THEMSELVES?

Guys, this smells “something rotten in Denmark”. It smells of desperation. Which is causing the evolutionists to reach at straws to try to shore up a failing and flailing speculation that is built not upon science but upon wild imaginations and fantasy.

Evolution is fake science.



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