shlomofekstain #conspiracy

You mean like the 2003 U.S. invasion that led to 1 million Iraqis being killed, that kind of genocide. And please, spare me more Western hypocrisy and lies. We all know who is funding and arming ISISrael, Al CIAda and Al Nursra.

We all heard McCain say "Well, you know, we should do what we did in Afghanistan, arm the terrorists to be able to shoot down Russian planes". The Zionist states of America is 100% Jew owned and they are just the lackey poodles of Zionist colonialism in the Middle East. Satanyahu Terrorwitz just demanded the U.S. give the ZIONAZIS $50BN dollars!!

The Russians have completely exposed the lies and falsehood of American propaganda of "fighting' ISISrael. Russia has done more damage to ISISrael in eight weeks of intense bombing than the whole four years!!! that the U.S pretended to "fight" ISISrael.



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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