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Re: Thinking about my time at "the gay homicide project" and trans murders

(jvsmine )
nahhh. TIMs are not actually terrified of being murdered in the streets because they're the ones pushing the lie that TERFs are causing "cis" men to beat them to death. They know they're not in danger. they like to pretend that they're afraid for the oppression points, faking panicked breathing and teary eyes so they look more feminine. there are literal guides teaching poor lil TIMs* how to look more afraid and intimidated.

They don't care about truth.

( hmimperialtortie )
Exactly. Most TIMs are more likely to be murderers than victims. They’re the safest demographic of all. They’re not black prostitutes in Brazil. It’s all lies.

Heads up the mods may zap your comment if you turn TIM into the diminutive name. It’s dehumanising, apparently.

( jvsmine )
jesus, what a joke. not even in all women's spaces can we be "mean" to poor wittle baby TIMs.

noted and changed.

( hmimperialtortie )
Yeah, the rules have to pander to the site hosts, if I understand correctly. 🙄



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