Navaros #fundie

So-called 'women' have the power to murder their unborn babies and not be prosecuted for those murders. In other words, they can and do quite literally get away with murder. There is no greater power that anyone could possibly have than to get away with murder. That is the most egregious & outright abominable example, and no others are even needed to prove the point that your claim of "men having the power" is utter bull.

But I'll still give other examples too anyway.

Women also have the power to steal half of men's assets and all of their children in divorce court, and furthermore, they have the power to leech tons of money off of their victim - for no legitimate reason - for the rest of his life.

Women also have the power to get men fired and hence leave him unable to survive via bogus "sexual harassment" claims: to be clear, I'm not justifying actual harassment, but what I'm saying is that women can fabricate claims of "harassment" that never happened, and the innocent man will always be found guilty just because of the same sexist attitude that the OP points out and which has spread like a cancer throughout all societies run by liberal/SJW/feminist crazies (which appallingly, is most of them).

Likewise, they also have the power to to fabricate false claims of "rape" that never really happened, and when they do, the innocent man will again always be found guilty, imprisoned, and have his reputation ruined. Of course, I'm not defending actual rape.



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