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[From "The Blood of the Tennessean Martyrs"]

I am writing this shortly after a transgender maniac murdered six Christians – three of them children – at a Christian school in Nashville[…]A great deal of information is still coming out and, as such, I can only verify what information is available as of this writing. And while small details may change, I am prepared to stand by the contents of this article

First and foremost, I want to express my condolences to the families of the lives lost in Nashville[…]
With that being said, and in no way to make light of this evil, the events of March 27, 2023, represent a turning point in the “transgender” debate, one that I feared would arrive. Christians were targeted by a deranged woman, under the delusion that she was a man, because, as Christians, we cannot abide by her sickness. We do not do so out of hatred for her, or those like her, but out of love. To admonish the sinner is an act of love[…]
The transgender movement has been rapidly radicalizing for the past decade. What was once considered a fringe movement (even on the Left) has captured the commanding heights of both the federal government and the wider American culture. Almost overnight, the Overton Window went from “eh, leave them alone” to Drag Queen Story Hour, biological men playing female sports, puberty blockers given out like candy to miserable young people, and the mutilation of children’s bodies[…]
As of right now, there is a so-called “Trans Day of Vengeance” – a day to “stop trans genocide” – planned on April 1, 2023[…]
This should go without saying, but do not Fedpost[…]
The Authentic Right should also not underestimate the media’s ability to memory hole this entire situation, they already are doing it with this one[…]
Keep your wits about you, never stop advocating for Christianity and civilization, and, very critically, prepare to defend yourselves. Most of all, pray



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