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Stating the obvious.

Some of you apparently didn’t get the memo.

This is a Binary Matterium. That is the design pattern, everything arises from a binary condition. Even the Matterium itself arises from a binary condition.

There is Consciousness.

There is the Universe within Consciousness.

There is the Matterium within Universe.

All of this is binary.

So thus all of the ‘non-binary’, and ‘blended gender’ talk is but that, talk. No substance as it is not supported within this Matterium, and while it is momentarily novel, it will wither and disappear in the time allotted to it by Consciousness.

Anytime you find attempts to ‘quantify’ humans, or any Life Quality in this Matterium in general, you are in the presence of evil thinking. This statement is binary as it resolves down to humans being a quality in this Matterium, and not a quantity of the Matterium.
We get Peak ‘Trans’, both as the climax (pun intended) of the pan-sexual wave, and as the WEF entre into trans-human at this Time, and of course it is the proximate cause for the next large social wave of ‘settling into normal normality’ in which Masculine and Feminine will be seen for their true worth; Masculinity creates and maintains Civilization, while Femininity creates and maintains Life. These are qualities. They reduce to binary.

No ‘trans’ about it.

The people in the WEF <World Economic Forum> are starting to appreciate that they are losing the 5th Generation Unrestricted War that they launched against Humanity. They have worked for centuries only to fail now. Their failure was forecast hundreds of years ago, when the ancestors of today’s [KM] <KhazarianMafia>/WEF, lost the lesson of binary. They are obsessed with quantity, as they demonstrate with their lives devoted to gathering excess in quantity where ever they may. Judge men and works by their qualities, not their quantities.



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