Lashonda Wilson #sexist

I feel sorry for you Darcy. You got raped, you hold a victim’s mindset and found the only man that would give you a sense of control in what you probably felt was an uncontrolled world, a Beta Male. Yes there are Betas and Alphas. My husband is an Alpha, but I can tell you there is no inequality there is harmony.
I don’t mask any latent anger as feminism. We have a healthy sexual relationship too. We laugh, share, dance and keep each other on point.
My guess is you and your Beta go to art shows, read the NY times together, and share a healthy dislike for the current President. You aren’t complicated, you are simple.
The one thing I hope is that you don’t have kids. To bring them up in a man hating, leftist, anarchist house with no good male role model is a recipe for a troubled human.
My guess is you either come from a divorced home or your Dad wasn’t present or maybe he was abusive, there is definitely some Daddy issue stuff going on. I don’t expect you to analyze yourself, clearly you are right and your Beta male…. well his thoughts don’t count anyhow. All your “feminist” friends will champion your positions while if you really stopped, took a long, long look in the mirror you would see a sad girl looking back. That isn’t going to change unless…. you do and then if you truly gain the courage to look at yourself your Beta will no longer be attractive to you, thats the real Red Pill.



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