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Crazy liberals. See what you have done now???
I do not speak for the company but for myself. Stupid and lazy people find it easier to agitate and bad-mouth their employers than to get to work at their entry level and then work to better themselves. Corporations provide a product. If you the employee at that corporation are dissatisfied, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE to work. Cease agitating & bad mouthing, expecting the government to ultimately support your laziness.
MCDONALDS IS NOT A REAL JOB. It's a kids job at best. Stop crying about mcwages and get off your butt and learn how to actually work.
Anything that makes liberals suffer is good for mankind
Obama forces minimum wage hike and businesses say kiss my ass....another job killer by the magic negro
This is simple business management. Leftists cannot comprehend simple economics principles. The only idea the cling to is "gimme dat, gimme dat, and gimme dat."



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