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The man who shot dead three Kurdish people in Paris has been pictured and named for the first time.

Excerpts from William Mallet’s pre-trial interviews emerged today along with his full name and a picture

The retired French train driver, 69, told prosecutors: "I always wanted to assassinate migrants and foreigners"[…]
He has been in a secure psychiatric unit since the attack on Friday when he used a US Army Colt 45 gun to carry out the massacre around a Kurdish cultural centre in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital

The 69-year-old shot dead two men and a woman at a Kurdish cultural centre and nearby Kurdish cafe

The woman was Emine Kara, the revolutionary Kurdish women’s activist, who fought for many active years against ISIS in Syria. She was wounded in the fight against ISIS and travelled to Europe for medical treatment

Mir Perwer, a popular Kurdish singer and Abdullah Kizil were also killed

Mr Mallet had previously said questioning at a burglary at his home in 2016 had triggered a “hatred of foreigners that became totally pathological”, according to prosecutor Laure Beccuau

Witnesses said they heard also heard Mallett shouting: "I hate Kurds" on Friday

Ms Beccuau said Mr Mallet had said he wanted to take his own life but added: "before committing suicide, I always wanted to assassinate migrants and foreigners"[…]
The man told investigators that he had first travelled to the town of Saint-Denis just north of Paris, armed with a gun and seeking foreigners to “murder”

But he gave up on that idea because there were few people about and his clothing had made it difficult to recharge his gun

He finally decided to head to Rue d’Enghien in the 10th arrondissement of Paris because he knew there was a Kurdish cultural centre there

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is endeavouring to build a pro-Russian empire stretching from "Vladivostok to Lisbon", a former Russian president has warned.

Ex-president and deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said Putin launched his brutal invasion of the former Soviet republic to bring peace to Ukraine, in a Telegram post.

The shocking allegations were made as Western leaders shared fears Moscow is planning a new military offensive in southern and eastern parts of Ukraine.

Medvedev said: "To change the bloody and full of false myths consciousness of a part of today’s Ukrainians is the most important goal.

"The goal is for the sake of the peace of future generations of Ukrainians themselves and the opportunity to finally build an open Eurasia – from Lisbon to Vladivostok."

He further accused "Nazis, murderers and collaborators" of stirring up "Russophobia" in Ukraine since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The ex-Russian leader also said Putin's "special military operation" in Ukraine was undertaken in a bid to "demilitarise" and "de-Nazify" the country.

Disciples of Jesus Christ, David K.'s parents and Zemfira Gainullina #fundie mirror.co.uk

A nine-year-old boy has died after being whipped by members of a religious sect including his own father who were trying to "drive out demons", police say.

The Russian boy, named only as David K, had a gag stuffed in his mouth to stop his screams during the attempted exorcism, it is claimed.

His father is alleged to have helped whip the child with other people from the cult while the boy's mother held him down.

Members of the Disciples of Jesus Christ sect prayed by his body for two days after he died from the ordeal, seeking to “resurrect” him.

When this failed, his body was buried in woodland near a lake in the Yugo-Zapadny district of Yekaterinburg, east of the Ural Mountains, it is said.

A call to police from the child’s aunt led to the discovery of the boy’s corpse.

Both parents are among a number of sect members detained on suspicion of murder over the horrific case.

Forensic experts said he died from asphyxia and that whip marks were visible on his body.

The father and a woman sect leader called Zemfira Gainullina were detained in Russia.


Gainullina posted shortly before she was held: "Many times we were persecuted for the name of Jesus Christ, but no-one could blame us for anything, because there was no crime in us.

“No-one could forbid us to live the way the Lord Jesus Christ leads us.”

Dr Alexander Neveev, an expert on religious cults in Russia, said: “In this sect it was believed that sinfulness should be beaten out of children.

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Five teenagers have now been arrested over a robbery and homophobic attack on a couple after they 'refused to kiss' while travelling on a bus, police said this evening.

Melania Geymonat, 28, from Uruguay, was with her American girlfriend Chris after an evening out in West Hampstead, London, when they were attacked at 2.30am on May 30.

Police say the couple were sat on the top deck when they were approached by a group of males who began to make lewd and homophobic comments to them.

The pair were punched several times and left covered in blood before the males ran off the bus. A phone and bag were also stolen during the assault.

Four males aged between 15-18 were arrested on Friday on suspicion of robbery and aggravated GBH. The fifth suspect was detained on Saturday morning.

"They have been taken to separate London police stations for questioning," a Met Police spokesman said.

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A yoga teacher is facing manslaughter and cult exploitation charges after one of his young pupils starved to death while undergoing a 70-day fast.

Mr Li had been living at the yoga retreat and care home for two years.

He had eaten nothing and drank only water for 54 days before he was found dead in his room by his mother, who worked at the retreat in order to fund her son's stay.

The 25-year-old is said to have been recommended the "fasting treatment" for 70 days in order to cure "emotional instability", his father told Shanghai-based news outlet The Paper.

Liu Shanglin, founder of the Sun-Moon Canyon National Forest Park Wellness Centre was formally charged with organising and exploiting cult beliefs, deceiving others and causing death, prosecutors in the city of Tieli, in north-eastern China said.

Two of Mr Liu's business partners were remanded on bail, while no fewer than 16 officials have been given warnings by the city's government watchdog for apparently failing to spot the abuse, according to the China News Service.

The high-profile case has been trending on Chinese social media platforms for a month ever since one of the spiritual healer's pupils, Mr Li, was found dead in his room on Sunday June 21.

Social media posts by Mr Liu's wellness centre show the yoga teacher encouraging pupils to participate in a variety of pseudo-scientific techniques, including fasting and 'clapping healing', in which his followers spend time clapping their hands in a group.

Before his arrest, Mr Liu had denied advising his pupil to fast for a period of 70 days, claiming it was Mr Li's choice to extend his usual treatment plan, which typically lasts between five and seven days.

The Tieli People's Procuratorate announced the cult-related charges against Mr Liu and his partners, but a trial date has yet to be set, the local government statement said.

Among the 16 officials given formal warnings are staff from the city's civil affairs, tourism, and health bureaus, which reportedly failed to supervise and oversee the privately run care home's practices.

Tieli's discipline and inspection committee did not punish details of each official's offences.

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Dad raped teenage daughter to 'prove sex was better with men' after she told him she was gay

The 54-year-old reacted with "uncontrolled anger” by brutally attacking the 16-year-old who had confided in him that she was "struggling with her identity"

A twisted father raped his own teenage daughter in a bid to "show her" that sex with men was better after she told him she was gay.

The 54-year-old reacted with "uncontrolled anger” by brutally attacking the 16-year-old who had confided in him that she was "struggling with her identity".

The father, who cannot be named to protect the identities of his victims, also raped his other daughter during two decades of sexual abuse.

He has now been jailed for 21 years after being found guilty of three rapes during the 1980s and 90s.

Judge Andrew Lockhart QC told the brute: “The court heard from both of these two women. They have both been severely psychologically damaged by your behaviour.

“Listening to [one of the victim’s] evidence of her feeling of guilt at leaving her sister to face you was the most harrowing of evidence.”

The father had pleaded not guilty at Warwick Crown Court to nine charges of indecent assault, one of indecency with a child and three of rape.

He was convicted of all charges after a trial.

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"For us to hold this party together things have got to change. There’s almost a sort of crisis for the soul of the Labour Party now," Tom Watson told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

"Of course Jeremy needs to understand that if we’re going to be in No10 that he needs to change the Labour Party.

"We have got to eradicate anti-Semitism, anti-Jewish racism in all its forms.

"This week I have had 50 complaints of anti-Semitism from my party colleagues which I shared with Jeremy.

"I think he needs to take a personal lead on examining those cases and, if necessary, recommend to our NEC what has to be done.

"The test for him as leader is to eradicate anti-Semitism. It is not Labour Party members who will be the judge of that, it is the British Jewish community.

"I think he understands now that if he is ever to be prime minister he needs to rebuild that trust."

The 50 cases sent to Jeremy Corbyn by Tom Watson are understood to include:

A person accused of claiming Jews' "double dealing, back stabbing, cheating chilling coldness has always only one outcome".
A person accused of claiming Jews "pervert democracy in the UK" and calling for the Board of Deputies to be a proscribed terror group.
A person accused of describing Hitler as an "illegitimate Rothschild" and saying of the Holocaust "the figures don't add up".
A person accused of claiming "Jews murder people and children".
A person accused of saying of Jewish MPs Ruth Smeeth and Louise Ellman "don’t know what runs through their veins, not human blood".
Allies of Mr Watson claim all the complaints involve people who were members at the time of the comments, and it is currently "unclear" how the cases were resolved and whether those accused were suspended or expelled.

It comes after eight MPs walked out of Labour this week and joined the Independent Group. Over the weekend, several Labour councillors have also quit the party.

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Solar Warden is a race of people who utilize advanced technologyto preserve the human genome. MiLabs utilizes cloning, advanced technology, trauma-based mind control and genetic engineering to carry out abductions, shadow military operations and to manipulate the population. This is carried out from deep underground military bases.

Research mkultra, monarch, mksearch, naomi, the secret space program, the time program, Andrew D. Basiago, Randy Cramer, Aaron McCollum, and the others. Research the secret projects, human cloning, solar warden, milabs, deep underground military bases, trauma-based mind control, genetic engineering, electrogravitic drive, mkultra, the supersoldier projects, the secret space program and the others.

Read the e-book The Transhumanism Pandemic by Aaron McCollum for information regarding the advanced intelligence technology. Andrew D. Basiago is a presidential candidate who is part of the time program.

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The 22-minute Vice documentary captured the events surrounding Saturday's planned Unite the Right rally - from Friday night's torch march reminiscent of KKK rallies to eerie calm on Sunday night.

The rally by neo-Nazis was halted as violence broke out in the Virginia city and a state of emergency was declared by the state's governor.

Vice correspondent Elle Reeve went behind the lines with white supremacists and, in particular, Cantwell, 36, who believes a race war is inevitable and argues for an "Anglo ethno state" without blacks, Jews or immigrants who aren't white.

Footage shows him reacting in pain after being pepper sprayed at the torch march and again ahead of the rally at Emancipation Park, where white supremacists gathered to protest the removal of a statue of a Confederate general.

As milk is poured into his eyes to relieve the burning sensation, a man with him chants "Heil Cantwell", playing off the Nazis' salute for Adolf Hitler.

Later, a shirtless and agitated Cantwell marches with other white supremacists after the rally was scuttled by riot police, and he blames anti-racism activists for sparking the violence.

Cantwell, who was due to speak at the rally, says: “We’re not non-violent, we’ll f***ing kill these people if we have to."

The documentary is filled with chilling declarations and warnings from white supremacists, including Robert Ray, who says: "We’re starting to slowly unveil a little bit of our power level, you ain’t seen nothing yet."


Harrowing footage shows an aerial view of the car attack, which killed paralegal Heather Heyer, 32, and injured at least 19 others as anti-racism activists marched through the streets.

The following night, at a hotel in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, Cantwell is shown with two assault rifles, three handguns, a knife and body armour as he reflects on the weekend's violence.

The self-proclaimed fascist, who hosts a "shock jock" internet radio show, says: “I’d say it was worth it. We knew we were going to meet a lot of resistance.

"The fact that nobody on our side died I’d go ahead and call that points for us. The fact that none of our people killed anybody unjustly I think is a plus for us."

Cantwell, of Keene, New Hampshire, claims the driver who ploughed into pedestrians and two other vehicles was attacked first, denying that it was an unprovoked attack.

James Alex Fields Jr, 20, has been charged with second-degree murder after the car.


Cantwell defended the driver and showed no rergets over the loss of life, saying: “He saw no way to get away from them except to hit the gas and, sadly, because our rivals are a bunch of stupid animals who don’t pay attention they couldn’t just get out of the way of his car.

“I think it was more than justified. The amount of restraint that our people showed out there, I think, was astounding.”

Cantwell, smirking, predicted further protests and more violence, adding: "I'd say [Charlottesville is] going to be really tough to top but we’re up to the challenge.

“I think a lot more people are going to die before we’re done here, frankly. Why? Because people die every day.

"People die violent deaths all of the time, this is part of the reason we want an etho state.”

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Donald Trump casually suggested an increase on anti-Semitic threats and violence could have been faked to "make people look bad", it was reported today.

He made the comments to a meeting of state attorneys general, according to one of the officials present.

There have been more than 30 bomb threats to Jewish centres across the US so far this week.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro told a Buzzfeed reporter : "He just said, 'Sometimes it's the reverse, to make people - or make others - look bad.' and he used the word 'reverse' I would say two or three times in his comments".

Shapiro noted the President had also said the threats were "reprehensible" and said he was not sure of the purpose of his comments.

But it's not the first time the President has hinted a "false flag" operation might be underway to discredit his supporters, without offering any evidence.

In a jaw-dropping press conference earlier this month, he suggested his opponents were posing as Trump supporters and making anti-Semitic comments..

He said: "Some of that anger is caused by the other side. They'll do signs, they'll do drawings that are inappropriate. It won't be my people, it'll be people on the other side to anger people like you."

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This is the moment a former Conservative council candidate claims those who insult Islam must die.

Footage has emerged of Mufti Shah Sadruddin making a shocking hate speech in London - a year before he tried to become a local councillor.

In his hate-filled rant, he rages against atheists and suggests those who insult his religion should be killed.

The shocking comments were unearthed ahead of a documentary about the abuse, violence and hatred suffered by some Muslims who choose to leave the religion.

Raging against non-believers, Sadruddin says in the video clip: "No son of a b*****d will remain alive after swearing at my prophet."

The comment was filmed a year before he stood as a Conservative candidate for Newham council in 2014.

In the run-up to the election, he claimed: "I believe in equality, I believe in fairness, I believe in loving the human race and I hate to hate anybody."

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Crazy liberals. See what you have done now???
I do not speak for the company but for myself. Stupid and lazy people find it easier to agitate and bad-mouth their employers than to get to work at their entry level and then work to better themselves. Corporations provide a product. If you the employee at that corporation are dissatisfied, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE to work. Cease agitating & bad mouthing, expecting the government to ultimately support your laziness.
MCDONALDS IS NOT A REAL JOB. It's a kids job at best. Stop crying about mcwages and get off your butt and learn how to actually work.
Anything that makes liberals suffer is good for mankind
Obama forces minimum wage hike and businesses say kiss my ass....another job killer by the magic negro
This is simple business management. Leftists cannot comprehend simple economics principles. The only idea the cling to is "gimme dat, gimme dat, and gimme dat."

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ILLEGALS will starve here just as they did at home. **GOOD** !!!
The seeds of social justice, planted by Obama, are sprouting with predictable results - Socialism is dead on arrival and the believers are foolish victims of their own greed.
Bonus: the robots won't think the world owes them anything. #RobotLivesMatter

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Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein tried to ban hit children's TV show Pokemon because his spies thought the name was too similar to the phrase: "I am a Jew".

Top secret documents captured by US troops in 2004 show that the dictator's agents were deeply suspicious of the Japanese children's TV, toy and video game phenomenon as it 'flooded the market' in 2001.

The General Security Directorate - a feared domestic security force - expressed concern to Saddam that some of the names of the creatures were deeply insulting in Syriac.

The note reads: "We have come aware of a phenomenon that spread quickly in the Muslim world and among our children.

"Our sons have become attached to this phenomenon. The names in this phenomenon have many meanings, such as:

•Pokemon: Means 'I am a Jew'.

•Charmander: Means 'God is weak'. (God almighty is above what they claim)

•Pikachu: Means 'Be a Jew'.

•Growlith: Means 'God is stingy'. (God almighty is above what they claim)

•Magma: Means 'God is stupid'. (God almighty is above what they claim)

It adds: "Beware my brothers in Islam and protect the sons of the Muslim nation."

Clark McClelland #conspiracy mirror.co.uk

UFO conspiracy theorist who claims to be a NASA veteran has insisted he saw a nine-foot alien astronaut on the space shuttle.

Clark McClelland, who says he worked with NASA as an aerospace engineer for 35 years from 1958 to 1992, maintains the "truth" of his story currently doing the rounds on paranormal websites, radio stations and Youtube channels.


Detailing the experience on his website, www.stargate-chronicles.com, he claims that while monitoring an unspecified top secret mission from the space center’s launch control centre on a 27-inch video screen, he saw the "alien" standing upright on two legs in the space shuttle payload bay, interacting with the two tethered US astronauts and watched it for one minute and seven seconds.


McClelland makes a series of shocking claims about aliens infiltrating governments on Earth in a video he recorded unearthed recently by paranormal website Inquisitr, which also claims the US government has crippled him by taking his pension and left him on social security.

In one video he said: "I know an ET and alien craft when I see them. Aliens are here on Earth, they walk among us. They may have been implanted into our various Earth governments."

Abu Abdullah Britani #fundie mirror.co.uk

Twitter user Abu Abdullah Britani, who openly publicises ISIS activity, wrote: '#We_Are_Coming_O_Rome with slaughter'.

The message was soon followed by one that read: '#We_Are_Coming_O_Rome, we will conquer & establish the justice of #shariah. We will use your leaning tower of pizza to throw off homosexual'.

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Joan Rivers faced a furious backlash tonight after an astonishing rant in which she said innocent ­Palestinian civilians “deserved to die”.

The American comedian defended Israel’s bombing of Gaza that has left thousands dead and wounded, including children. Rivers was asked, by a celebrity website, about the rising death toll in Gaza.

The 81-year-old replied: “The dead? You deserve to be dead. You started it.

“Don’t you dare make me feel sad about that.”

When told that almost 2,000 civilians had been killed, she said dismissively: “Oh my God! Tell that to the people in Hiroshima.

“Good. Good. When you declare war, you declare war. They started it.” Asked what she felt about the Hamas government, she added: “They are terrorists. They were re-elected by a lot of very stupid people.

“They were told to get out. They didn’t get out. You don’t get out, you are an idiot. At least the ones that were killed were the ones with low IQs.”

Dave Smith #fundie mirror.co.uk

i fully agree on some points. but as well as enforced eugenics wouldn't it be a good idea when immigrants invade our country on the pretext of wars etc in their homeland that they are made to have birth control injections until they return to their country of origin. at the moment they take the mick out of our lax welfare state and rip our country off. alsoi i find the wearing of burkas offensive and also how they speak in their own language when out instead of english and how they expect to be able to have their own churches and segregated lives (when in rome). also, i'd like to see youngsters I.Q tested and if they are below a certain degree stop these having children as well (retards breed retards) as the country is full of them at the moment. also rapists and murderers should be executed immediately not let out after a couple of years to commit more crimes as they are at the moment. keep up the good work Mr G.Clarke one day this country will also say enough is enough!

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BNP leader Nick Griffin is enjoying a taxpayer-funded trip to Qatar for a climate change conference – despite denying global warming exists.

The North West MEP is staying at a luxury hotel in the sun-drenched capital Doha with an all-expenses paid Euro-delegation.

He tweeted he was enjoying the hospitality of the Arab state, which produces more CO2 per person than anywhere else.

“Why carbon mega-producer Qatar? (I’m not knocking my hosts, CO2 is nature’s greatest fertiliser),” he wrote.

“Well, after PR disaster of ice-locked Copenhagen they decided naturally hot places make better backdrop. And then there’s the little matter of the luxury hotels!”

He tweeted that the conference was “a surreal mix of exciting new technologies and lunatic tax-gobbling leftist hysteria”.

Three years ago, Griffin said: "Climate change is being used to impose an anti-human utopia as deadly as anything conceived by Stalin or Mao.”

Archdeacon Philip Isaac #fundie mirror.co.uk


CHURCH leaders want Sir Elton John banned from Tobago - in case he turns the locals gay.

He is due to headline the Plymouth jazz festival there next month. But Philip Isaac, the Archdeacon of Trinidad and Tobago, believes the singer could tempt the islanders into gay ways.

He said: "His visit to the island can open the country to be tempted towards pursuing his lifestyle."

AdvertisementThe Archdeacon condemned Sir Elton's marriage to David Furnish, saying it doesn't conform to "biblical teachings" because a "man should not lie with a man".

And he wants to save the star, 59. Mr Isaac said: "The artist is one of God's children and while his lifestyle is questionable he needs to be ministered unto."

Homophobic campaigners claimed that a clause in Tobago's immigration laws means homosexuals could be kept out of the country. The local radio station has been bombarded with calls opposing his visit.

One local told an island newspaper: "We have a huge problem with homosexuality in our population because, unlike our foreign counter-parts our free-up nature,,. and cannot support the conditions of this lifestyle."

But local lawyer Anand Ramlogan confirmed there is no law against sexual orientation in Tobago.

Festival organiser Anthony Maharaj said Sir Elton will take part. He said: "We should be honoured to have him.

"This is a man who was knighted by the Queen, who was highly complimented by Desmond Tutu." Sir Elton's spokesman declined to comment.