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Inherit the Wind is biased, shameful, pro-Evolution propaganda.

The entire purpose of Inherit the Wind is to push the agenda that the theory of evolution is fact that should be taught in public schools. At the same time, Christianity is bashed in this movie and portrayed as wrong. Those who believe in Christianity in this movie are hatefully portrayed by the movie as idiots. The Atheist teacher who indoctrinates his students with Atheism & Evolution is portrayed as a hero and genius, as are all the other Atheists/Evolutionists in the movie. Inherit the Wind urges all it's viewers to take these sick 'lessons' to heart in real-life and hate & suppress Christians and any anyone who refuses to agree that Atheism and/or Evolution is correct and must be forced down everyone's throat against their will in schools.

In reality, the theory of evolution is not fact, never has been fact, and never will be fact. If anyone thinks Evolution is correct, that is only an *opinion.* The way Inherit the Wind serves as pro-Evolution propaganda is a disgrace and slap in the face to film-making, God, Christianity, and mankind as a species.

The fact that this movie and play is sometimes served up to unwitting students as a mandatory part of their public education is nothing short of disgusting! They want to brainwash the youths to hate Christianity and believe in Evolution, just like the "heroes" of the movie and play do. This is *not* educational, it's disgusting propaganda in it's worst form.

Inherit the Wind has the bald-faced *gall* to have a line spoken in the movie which says anyone who doesn't believe in Atheism & Evolution is dead. The strong, direct meaning of this line is that even while they are alive physically, they are 'brain-dead' for not accepting Atheism and Evolution. Could a movie *possibly* be any more disgusting and shameful propaganda? No, no it can't.

"Inherit the Wind" is a phrase taken directly from the Bible - a Holy Book which the movie bashes wickedly as much as it possibly can. The filmmakers/playwrights might have thought it was "funny" to title their movie after the words in the Bible, only to then viciously bash the Bible with the movie. It is doubtful though, that they *still* found it funny after their lives on Earth and run their natural course, and they came face to face with the God who they were so keen to bash and fight against by making this movie during their fleeting time on Earth. Inherit the Wind was made in 1960. It's now 2008. Using common sense, it's easy to figure out where the filmmakers/playwrights are now. And it's *not* in a happy place with a smile on their face for bashing God & Christianity in their brief moment on Earth when it was "funny" to do so.

Guess in the end, it goes to show that contrary to what Inherit the Wind claims, it's not those who believe in God and reject Evolution who are brain-dead after all.



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