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Why gay marriage should not be legalized.

1. Legally, marriage is a privilege regulated by the states, kind of like a drivers license. It is not a
constitutional right (doesn't appear there).

2. Actually, western civilization and America have honored the definition of marriage as being the
union of one man and one woman for centuries. America has known no other definition. In actuality, the founders likely would have tarred and feathered a practising homosexual (not that that makes it right, but some would lie and say they would support gay marriage.)

3 American legislators saw that marriage as we now honor it (one man one woman) results in benefits for our nation, so long ago they afforded this relationship certain benefits, such as tax breaks in order to promote marriage. Those benefits are order in our society, future doctors, lawyers, soldiers, etc, etc. Can a gay couple give birth to children who would probably someday serve their country? Or become a doctor to help people? No...

4. Again, America has never acknowledged any other definition of marriage and we need not change this time honored institution to conform to the whims of a small minority of loud people.

5. Gays can have their rights and dignity without us changing the definition of marriage. They can have their relationships if they wish. They just can't call it marriage. It's similar to me (a man) saying I am now a girl. I am not and will never be. Should I lobby to be called a little girl because girls get scholarships to colleges which boys don't get?

6.Genetically, there is no evidence that homosexuality is genetic. Actually, before gays organized and formed a powerful lobby, homosexuality was a diagnosable mental illness as per psychology and psychiatry (look it up). Again, no genetic cause has been established.

7. If marriage is not the union of one man and one woman, why not allow polygamy? What about
sterile relatives marrying? What about unions between adults and children? People and animals? People would say that is all ridiculous! But what is our standard then for who can get married? What is the definition of marriage if they have their way?

8. In regards to the argument that, "Unsupporters don't believe that gays are human! All men are created equal!", well, there's no argument to the fact that gays ARE people. It's the act of gay marriage and sex that we don't support!

Now, I'd like to have a few people try to refute these arguments. Oh and FYI, you can call me anything you want, cuz the only reason you would call me names (such as bigot, close minded or hater) is because you have no way to refute these arguments and you are obviously immature enough to resort to “bullying” me.



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