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We have to start differentiating the difference between femcel and ugly women. Because as a ugly woman i do not relate to normie ugly women.

(Controversial opinion ahead)

In communities likes this i find likeminded women who also struggle with lookism but in real life i haven't met a ugly woman who didn't have one of those three things (1.Bullies other ugly/weird women, 2. Is a huge pickme misogynist, 3. Is bluepilled.) Which makes it hard for me to relate to them which makes me think that we shouldn't group all of us women together just because we are ugly.

Whenever I see a weird/ugly girl being bullied or made fun off by other girls and I check how the girls look like most of the time they just as ugly as her, proving my point. Weirdly enough I've been made fun of for the way that I look more by ugly or obese women than Stacy's.

I've kinda realized that there is no solidarity between women just because we are all ugly, so I do think we as femcels should start distancing/differentiating ourselves from just the ugly label, because even though we are ugly alot of us also suffer from ableism, classism, racism etc etc which normie ugly women do not relate to.

No fucking shit, it’s self projection lol I also think that a lot of women who put down femcels are ugly/fat themselves ngl

Yeah, from what I’ve seen a lot of femcels are WOC, nuerodivergent and/or poor. It would make sense for WOC to be made to feel ugly in comparison to white or East Asians, be ousted for having disabilities because they are easier targets, or not have the same opportunities because they are poor. Another things I’ve noticed is lot of us did also grow up in dysfunctional households which probably did shape our views on ourselves and life greatly.



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