Henry de Lesquen #wingnut #racist lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Le projet culturel d’Henry de Lesquen" - "Henry de Lesquen's cultural project"]

1) The new cultural policy shall be national, popular, identitarian and shall spring from the Western culture's canons
2) The state shall fight cultural cosmopolitanism and the ensuing degenerate art
Degenerate art replaced the beautiful by the ugly. Degenerate non-art replaced the beautiful by the speech
3) Local government shall follow the cultural orientations set by the state[…]
4) National preferance: The cultural market shall be protected from foreign concurrence, which shall favor creation
5) Official art, supported by the state, shall express the nation's soul in the beauty of the artworks[…]
7) Negro music shall be banished from public broadcasters and progressively removed from those helped or allowed by the state[…]
Anyone can hear whatever he wants on CD or the Internet. But public space shall be cleansed

8) Epuration. The state shall get rid from artwork or items from degenerate art or non-art, both by selling and by destroying these
9) Obscenity and attacks on public morals, both being sprawn from cosmopolitan anticulture and degenerate art, shall be suppressed
10) English language shall be removed from France through law![…]
Conclusion: The new coltural policy shall be the beginning of a cultural renaissance in France, which always aims for greatness
National Liberalism. Freedom to create and free speech shall be total. But the state shall no longer help degenerate art



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