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First of all, I must apologize for not being able to find a more suitable place to write this. Second, I must say I disagree with the theory entirely. BUT, even if I did agree with it, it would still be impossible for there to not exist SOME FORM of an intelligent creator. If these proteins all evolved, then what did they evolve from? And from where came the thing they evolved from? and then, in turn, where did THAT come from? an atom can only be cut in two so many times, likewise, one can only trace evolution back so far until he MUST come to the inevitable conclusion that there is, or at least was, an intelligent designer. To deny this would be illogical not only religiously but scientifically as well. This is the inescapable flaw of atheism. The flaw of evolutionism is that in order for an organism to evolve, it must be in a situation/enviroment where it cannot survive with it's current attributes, in which case it will DIE, not evolve. If it can survive (thus reproduce), then it still will not evolve, because it's genes will be able to be passed on. Even if the organism must struggle significantly to survive (example: an elephant in a new england forest), if it can reproduce it will not evolve, if it can't reproduce (because it died) it will not evolve. This cannot be explained away with the "random mutation" theory because random mutations are NEVER beneficial, EVER. Or at least not commonly enough to account for the staggering variety of surviving species on the earth (or outside of X-Men). Adaptations can occur, but these are distinct from evolution, example: a species' fur can adapt to become longer, shorter, darker, lighter, depending on the threats within it's enviroment, but the fur will NEVER become feathers, for the simple reason that in order to have the feathers, it would have to be in a situation where it could not survive (reproduce) without the feathers. For this to work, both a male and female of said species would have to SIMULTANEOUSLY AND RANDOMLY MUTATE A FULLY FUNCTIONAL PAIR OF WINGS!!! This example can be applied to anything, and disproves any evolution beyond minor adaptations.



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