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@Nature_and_Race will they pay though? Harold Covington spoke about how even in his day White Nats were saying "it just needs to get bad enough", but honestly, how much worse does it need to get than now?
While they aren't putting Whites in gulags ostensibly yet, they are in the middle of waging a genetic pharmaceutical war on us, and its only one part of the puzzle. The method of the jews today may not be as transparent as they were in the USSR with boxcars and snowy gulags, but they are certainly just as brutal

@TalesFromWeimerica -- It could be that the jew would never allow it to get even worse. And would instead, continue what he's doing without being so transparent. The jew, despite being malicious and evil, is not stupid. And would prefer working under the radar. All he has to do is keep current trends slowly ongoing, until he achieves his final goals.


@NSSAP @Nature_and_Race the biggest flaw of the jew is his hubris. Every single time he overplays his hand. The jews who rule our world order currently have been handed the reigns, sure-- but they aren't the smarter ones who worked to establish it in the first place. We can see how confident and cocky they were getting now with their open pedophile rings like epstein's was which was operating under mossad.

In a twist, we should hope their pridefulness causes them to once again try and overplay their hand. The White man's Air Conditioning shutting off, cheetos not being shipped to the store and his car not getting enough fuel all in the same week in a deliberate move from the powers that be could be the very thing that saves us.

@TalesFromWeimerica @NSSAP @Nature_and_Race The jew has practiced, failed, and tried again destroying the world multiple times, having been responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths just in the last hundred years. The jew learns from their past mistakes and changes the script slightly, while the goy just get dumber and dumber.

I can only hope that the jew's pet niggers pull on their leash too hard. They are the jew's weapon, but they are not controllable. If the nig nogs too hard Whites might recognize the threat. The immune system activates and maybe the parasite that has been evading detection will get what it deserves.




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