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A friend of mine texted me this morning, saying that her mother had contracted covid for a second time, and that she was in the hospital because it caused severe heart problems.

I asked her if her mother had been vaxxed, and she said "Yes, and boosted".

I love my friend, and value our friendship, so I'm not going to argue with her. And I genuinely feel bad for her, because she may very well lose her mother. But it's obvious that her mother's heart complications were caused by the vax and the booster, not the virus.

When this era is all said and done, these vaccine producers, and our politicians who pushed them on us, need to fucking pay for what they've done to our people and our loved ones.

@Nature_and_Race Doctors found a lump in my mother-in-law’s breast roughly 6-7 months after getting the jab and boosted. They removed the lump then her on “preventative chemotherapy,” some new thing which I’m convinced is only designed to kill people.

Her organs started malfunctioning. We got her to stop the chemo for a while, and she started feeling better. Still in bad shape though. The doctors kept pressuring her (a 72 year old woman) to get back on the chemo, which she did. She died in April.

I’m convinced of 3 things:
1. The vax was the cause of her cancer.
2. The “preventative chemo” is being purposely done to experiment with its effects on vaccinated people.
3. The vax and the chemo caused her untimely death.

I should add that she was not a sickly woman before all this. She was quite robust and full of life.

@Nature_and_Race I know a guy who got 4 jabs, and these past 6 months his slow-developing, chronic autoimmune neurological problem suddenly became a fast-developing one, and some minor pain is now suddenly a lot, forcing him to quit his job and he can't even walk straight.

Of course my family isn't going to argue with him, but it seems pretty obvious it was the vax. Last year he was so worried about my unvaxed family, because we weren't "safe."



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