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have not been paying too much attention to the MAGA crowd now that their ZOG emperor has fallen from grace, but they are still going strong on a number of social networks and have big plans for the elections in 2022 and 2024. While many of these guys may rail against the “ChiComs” and “Beijing Biden”, many of their leading figures are actually in bed with the red dragon.
Could it be that a number of outlets that purport to be for “nationalists” are actually on the payroll of the CCP, like Steve Bannon? I am not saying they might not also be getting checks from our other “greatest allies” in Tel Aviv, Brooklyn, or wherever, but that these shills are definitely all on the same page regarding red China

Let’s have a look at how other figures within the “right wing” have also celebrated Chinese communism.
Posting Xi’s address to the Chinese people he rules over as if he is some glorious leader for our cause? This is really some great China hasbara!

Here’s National Bolshevik Keith Woods (who is still allowed on jewTube), talking about how China is actually a nationalist state, and not at all Marxist-Leninist.
Now for perhaps the worst China shill of them all, Andrew Anglin. This midget may like the Chinese because he at least gets to feel like he has an average height when around them, but more likely he is getting paid big bucks for his CCP shilling. Could this be where some of his big bitcoin donations came from?
Anglin definitely does not mention all of the jews who were instrumental in bringing Communism to China, which I covered extensively in a show. Instead Anglin just wants us to think about our glorious future living under the rule of the CCP.

Why are supposed “pro-Whites” and “right wingers” fantasizing about the day when we are ruled by Chinese men waving the hammer and sickle? What kind of dream is that?

As for all the real people, it’s our nightmare.



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