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RE: New poll shows more than 52% of likely Democratic voters in Florida back 'Don't Say Gay' bill | Daily Mail Online

(hard_headed_woman )
I've seen some non-binary, crazy young women who claim to be teachers, and the things they are telling their students is awful.

I'm truly starting to wonder whether I support full employment rights for "transgender" crazies.

(NoOneSpecial )
The T literally cannibalized the LGB and destroyed all the hard work that has been done to gain our acceptance. Shame on these sexist proliferators of the gender divide.

Same thing happened with the Equality Act. They mashed gender ideology with basic understanding about same-sex attraction, making the protection of one (LGB folk) dependent on the peddling of the other (transgender nonsense). Horribly, "protecting" transgenderism as these people claim to be doing directly removes the safeguarding of the LGB community. You cannot protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation if sexual orientation doesn't exist. They handed a win to all the religious homophobes.

This is what happens when you don't protect sex as a class from discrimination, but you're more than willing to protect sexist gender stereotypes.

(NO )
See? You trans people will make it so gay people lose rights. Can't you put your willy away for one second? I know you think your erections are more important than all women globally and all gay and bi men combined and here you're seeing the consequences.

Leave us gays the fuck out of your ideology.

( Ladylucy )
TRAs are doing more than causing gays to lose their rights. They’re trying to wipe gays by transitioning gay, lesbian and bi kids. I read that some gays are calling it the “gay genocide or gay eugenics.”

( Amareldys )
This goes beyond gay and women's rights.

They are asking people to literally lie in a major way and say things are the opposite of what they are. Not to pretend for the sake of niceness... but to literally believe a lie. Everyone. Not just gays. Not just women. Everyone.



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