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(NOTE: The OP posted a video filmed by someone in an area filled with armed Sinaloa Cartel members surrounding a plane.)

Apart from the killing and drugs, hanging out with your buddy’s with guns and money with no one who can touch you seems pretty fun...

Im not gonna lie, it is pretty fun

Nothin but vibes lol

Apart from the violence, this is lowkey a vibe

It is honestly, its even better when they throw parties or you go to an antro with them, and nothing but beautiful ass girls and shit too and they even tell you like here hold my other gold gun so you can look like you’re part of us 🤣

Im speaking for myself, i like guns i like off roading and i like beer and dancing with women, im young and this is fun to me, i get you on that though, and most of these guys are just doing their job, this is how they look at it, they have family and kids they go home to their kids and play with them but at the end of the day this is the “job” they chose

To each their own, I honestly grew up around all this shit so its normal to me atleast

Im not the one in the cartel nor killing nor selling drugs, you calling me an asshole for hanging out with them? Lol but yet you happy as fuck the cia supposedly killed the leader of haiti, what fuckin dumb hypocrite 🤣 the US invades foreign countries and kills and bombs innocent people yet you root for them

Its the united states fault for the way mexico is right now if they didnt consume drugs none of it would be happening and also in the 80s cartels ran smooth till the dea got involved

It's got a little symbol. The DEA and CIA are very creative.

When they get an airplane seized like 80% of the time they get it back



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