Dean Hinnen #fundie

If you really, really want to be stalked hard, explain to them with facts and figures (A) why Obama is completely incompetent, (B) why Cruz is going to be the next president, and (C) how he's going to repair all the damage that Obama has done.

Stick to the facts. It doesn't matter whether you know it's true. You have to be able to prove it to the most hard-headed, obstinate, Fox News-hating left-wing partisan on the Internet. Otherwise, don't say it. The facts are sufficiently humiliating to get them really, really stirred up. Using terms such as "American Taliban" and "Christian Sharia Law" brings new depth and dimension to words like "hysteria," "hyperbole," and "histrionics."

The real Taliban, according to real Sharia Law, executes homosexuals for being homosexual. With Christians you have a difference of opinion about public policy. No executions or other physical harm or criminal penalty has been suggested by anyone, except by the extreme, hate-filled left-wing fringe.



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