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[Responding to challenges posed by another poster, but completely missing the point of them and even somehow thinking that weather forecasting includes tsunamis]

['if the scientists "are consistently wrong" how is it you are writing these messages on an abacus']

So being able to converse with these scientific morons is a plus ?

['If the medical folks are "consistently wrong" then how come everyone is living long enough to get cancer these days']

Gee there's a real positive outcome huh...probably enjoy the pain huh?

['If the weathermen are consistently wrong, howcome so many people DID get out of NO BEFORE Katrina hit?']

Yep..so many have survived..I can think of the wonderful tsunami wave and all those dead buried souls just so happy for weathermen, and the predictions that the storms are coming so make sure your insurance premiums are paid..because you when you have nothing left & get nothing from us..we'll make sure your account was marked paid in full though.

Yeah..science..a real misery prolonger---wonder if all those dead Japanese wre happy with the results of the atomic bomb ? hmmmm



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