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Young Americans Are Becoming Less Comfortable With LGBTQ People, GLAAD Finds

Yup. I'm gay and I've lost respect for the LGBT community. I don't want to be associated with it anymore. I've put myself back in the closet because I'm so sick of not being able to join any LGBT group without seeing giant lists of sexualities, kinks, and pronouns.

Imagine if 98% of the world were constantly saying they were straight, had "straight" as part of their display name, straight flags around their names. It would be fucking annoying as all shit. That's what trying to deal with any LGBT group is now. I'm done. I'm now a bigot. Internalized homophobia or whatever.

Every time a less liberal gay group starts up they get attacked and doxed by the ultralibs.

Who's willing to bet that it's not the LGB aspect that's losing support, but it's actually the T and and all the attention seeking bullshit that comes after the T as well? It seems like the support for lesbians, gays and bisexuals is increasing with each generation, but when it comes to transgenders they seem to be stuck in a rut in which they can't get out of.

I swear, ever since the fucking lgbt fetishizers came along, it's been ruining the hard work the community has been doing. It's a real shame.

Pople warned this would happen ever since the first obnoxious SJWs began appearing on Tumblr over a decade ago. Year after year I recall seeing people who said "treating people like shit is going to make them reject the LGBT."

I mentioned seeing in a Tumblr-adjacent community back in 2014 how someone said that the vicious behavior of TRAs makes it very hard to care about trans issues. And was proven right almost immediately by a horde of shrieking TRAs tearing that person apart, claiming they don't want "fairweather allies."



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