Blanco #fundie

Of course there is not a demon called Blanco; that is my name (I'm sure you could have figured the title out for yourself) but, anyway, I am typing to everyone who has a fascination with demons or the supernatural. I love all of the telekinetic and ESP stuff but I feel that there are demons after me for whatever reason they are after me. I haven't seen so many demon(s) as I have one. It's the one that has me in its arms practically. My spiritual advisor thinks its the fact that I study VooDoo and Santeria and cast spells upon people. There are many spells I have cast that I didn't know what they were and since then I have been unable to sleep; insomnia type deal. I have had several spieitual attacks by a demon or demons. They said that they just want to take me somewhere. My spiritual advisor suggested a Quiji Board. So I bought one and asked it...what is the matter with me. It gave me a response (DAMNATION). I'm really actually quite freaked out at the moment. If you would be so me at and possibly give me a few suggestions and whatever.

About a year ago...the same word came to me as a few friends put me under hypnosis and stuck a beanie baby in my arm and asked for it to leave a stain on one side but not the worked. That could, I guess, be a possibility of my insomnia.

I have to get back to my rehab and therapy... I'm outy



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