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RE: JFL "This one's for you mexico"


spoilermarrying him only to make this colonizer's kids brown, this one's for you méxico

Punishing a white man by having sex with him jfl.

This is a highiq move and is technically true. Their kids won’t be white so the goal is there

She is like castizo, their kids will be white. Just look at Daniel Bryan's wife and kids.

They won’t be white in spirit. There’s having white skin and then being white

Is he white in spirit?

No because his last name is Fuentes and he has Mexican ancesyors

Well at least you are consistent with your beliefs, it is true that he is 17% Amerindian and 2% African according to DNA test and his family immigrated from Mexico but the surname he has is Spanish from his white ancestry that settled in Latin America.

Fuentes isn’t a white nationalist to begin with, he’s just a paleo conservative which isn’t race or identity politics (despite what the Jews tell their normcattle). Fuentes is probably part white sure, but majority isn’t all. I do the one drop policy instituted by the US during Jim Crow. It’s not just skin color, it’s cranium shape and phenotype and all that stuff.



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