Navaros #fundie

[things between quote marks were from another poster]

"Let's take a little test."

Sure, I always pass tests about godliness with a 100% score.

"Is the Bible inerrant?"

Yes - but it depends on the particular translation you are talking about. Some modern translations are not inerrant, because they have been translated and corrupted by evil darwinists/Satanists/liberals/feminists etc.

"Should it be taken literally?"

That depends on if you are talking about parts that are given as literal history (like Genesis), or parts that are not (i.e. parables).

"Is it historically accurate?"

Of course it is. How stupid of a question can you ask?!

"Count yourself 33% towards representing a fundamentalist position for each positive answer"


1. Originated in the 1900s A.D.

2. Formed as a response to the apostate church that came before them.

3. Presuppose that the apostate church to which they responded has some legitimacy.

In contrast, the godly kind of Navaros a.k.a. the real church of God:

1. Originated at the dawn of mankind, with Adam.

2. Is not a response to the apostate church. In fact, the opposite is true - the apostate church is a [evil, debased, corrupted] response to the real church of God a.k.a the godly kind of Navaros.

3. Fully and unequivocally renounces all apostasy, and does not afford even the smallest iota of legitimacy to the apostate church.

Therefore, contrary to your implications, your attempt to label me as a "fundamentalist" is a fail. They may have some similarities to me in that I believe in the Bible and they do too, but they also have major differences to me (which I've just described) that distinguish them as not quite up to par to God's standards, in contrast to myself, who is as perfect of a representative of God as has ever been on the earth after the time of the Apostles.

"Methinks this poe protests too much."

By calling me poe again, you only further highlight your own hypocrisy & evil. And God will count that against you as among your many sins when you come before His Judgement Seat.

"the fact that you are a poe is clear enough to me"

You are liar - that quoted statement proves it. Add lying to your sin count tally. Good luck trying to justify lying about an approved workman of God to God.

"Mr God's Spokesman, with the Holy Penis, sorry."

Why do you object to the fact of God's Penis? There is only one reason why the ungodly ever do that: because they hate nothing more than the fact that God is the ultimate Masculine Male King Patriarch Father who eventually will Judge and serve Justice to all evil feminist scum (that includes darwinists like yourself who support the evil agenda of evil feminist scum).

"I always forgive those who are personally rude to me. "

Ha ha, that's hilarious, you trying to represent yourself as a saintly do-gooder, even though in this post I've just written, I have proven at great length how you are a hypocrite, a liar, and your heart is full of hate for me as evidenced by your need continuously to insult me and defecate all over my work because the Righteousness that God & I stand for is diametrically opposed to your love for evil.



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