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This discourse is about the Ancient Lemurian bloodlines of the Aramu Muru.

A legendary bloodline that goes back many centuries to, terrestrial people known as the Aser, the Elder race.

This elder race cohabitated the planet along with the hybrid children of the Anunnaki, who have been here on the Earth plane for over 400,000 years.

The destruction of lands of Mu and its submergence was not a singular incident, but a series of cataclysms, which had their beginnings about 35,000 years BCE. After the initial devastation had its way, many of the landmasses that comprised MU were lost.

However much of the lands remained and would become rebirthed as Le-mu-ria.

Today parts of the Western coast line of the United States and Canada. From Mt. Shasta up through BC, Canada would be the lands that were a part of the original motherland of MU.
There is land in those islands, for instance Turtle Mountain on Orcas Island, which defies any type of testing science has attempted for determining its age. I have seen the scientists come and go for many years now.

There are tunnels located in the San Juan Islands that upon entering one could end up in Hopi Land, in Arizona. The Islands in and around the San Juan Islands off the Washington state coast going all the way up the coast lines of Vancouver Island, show obvious signs that the land was simply raised from the ocean floors some 5,000 years ago.

During the periods of destruction, it became necessary for many of the Lemurians, and their Celestial relatives to remain underground for extended periods merely for matters of safety; as the Earth Changes were unlike anything known by a hu-man species before.



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