BehindtheCurtain, BondiBlue & Omina_Sentenziosa #transphobia

The Far Left Only Tolerates Trans Because It is a Force for Destabilization

( BehindtheCurtain )
I think they support both TIM and radical Islam because they are both male supremacy movements

( BondiBlue )
Those TIMs who get off on being “submissive Muslima brides” donning the burqa as fetish gear are among the most grotesque things the male animal has come up with.

And yet even ISIS finds “trans harem girls” to be repulsive. They sure as hell know what a woman is when they’re raping her. But our ostensibly liberal politicians consider this perversity stunning and brave.

( Omina_Sentenziosa )
The far left doesn' t tolerate trans, it fully embraces it. They share the same core values, starting with the position of women and men.

This explains why the radical left, despite claiming to be feminist, has absolutely zero problem with tossing women to the wolves

This is something I have seen often: how is possible that so-called feminists are throwing women under the bus? Simple, because they are not feminists. That word has been twisted like many others and bastardized so much that it means something completely different, even though they worked hard at mantaining a working cover so that the most naive people could still be drawn by its original meaning.

It' s like wondering how TIMs can be so hateful of women despite claiming to be women. They are not women, and them claiming to be is proof number one that they hate women. Far leftists and so-called feminists are doing the same thing.

( BondiBlue )
The Spectator has a very intriguing article which argues that the “Palestine project” as we know it today was a Soviet/KGB creation intended to sow discord in the West.

Same thing with the movement for “queerness,” as James Lindsay and others have explored: it’s a “culturally Marxist” weaponization of dogmatic religiosity, aimed at destruction under the guise of “liberation.”

Except instead of liberating from capital exploitation, these nihilistic projects are just enriching pharma and the war machine, while leaving dead and mutilated women and children in their wake.

Revolutions always devour the young.



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