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This picture was recently featured (uncredited and wildly out of context) on Buzzfeednews, and more correctly (and with credit) by Lalo Dagach on his blog Check it out!

If you think that human rights violations, misogyny, child abuse, honor killing, honor rape, and draconian, barbaric punishments for trivial or imaginary crimes are okay if done by non-whites or non-Westerners because it's their "culture," if you spend more time criticizing and maligning the critics of bad ideas rather than those ideas themselves, if you masochistically and narcissistically attribute the cause of all the world's problems on your own nation, if you victim-blame those slaughtered by terrorists for bringing it on themselves, if you think you know the motives of terrorists and radicals better than they themselves do, if you hold non-Westerners to a lower moral standard, if you smear dissenting voices in minority communities - the minorities within the minorities - as being "uncle Toms," or "native informants," then you aren't a liberal or a progressive, you're a regressive.

The Regressive Left is a subset of the political left, and has considerable overlap with other terms such as the PC left and social justice warriors (SJWs), but it isn't exactly the same thing.

The term "Regressive Left" was coined by Maajid Nawaz, a former radical Islamist who runs the Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism think tank that works to de-radicalize Islamists and to liberalize, modernize, and ultimately reform Islam. The amount of resistance, hostility, and impediment that Nawaz and Quilliam have received from those on the left who should be their natural allies is what undoubtedly led to his coining of this term in the early 2010's.



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