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Media Get Hate Crimes Wrong — Again

Blacks are 2.15 times more likely as whites to commit them.

Hispanics and Asians are less likely than whites to commit hate crimes.

American Indians and Eskimos were twice as likely and Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders were three times as likely as whites to be hate criminals, but these multiples don’t mean much because the numbers of offenders are small.

2020 was not a fluke. An analysis of hate crimes for 1997 found almost exactly the same black multiple: “Blacks were 1.99 times more likely than whites to commit hate crimes in general and 2.24 times more likely to commit violent hate crimes.”

The Post laments a 40 percent increase in anti-black incidents and a 70 percent increase in anti-Asian incidents, but is silent about drops in certain kinds of “hate:” Anti-Arab, down 26 percent, and anti-Muslim, down 42 percent, and anti-mental disability, down a full 54 percent. Shouldn’t we be celebrating?

The Post did reluctantly note that anti-Jew hate is down 30 percent, but hastened to add that the Anti-Defamation League says this is a ludicrous undercount; the ADL, which is no doubt in a position to be objective, says anti-Semitic hate is at “a historic high,” with 2,024 incidents.

Asian activists likewise scoff at the FBI’s figure of 274 anti-Asian incidents. Something called AAPI Hate catalogued no fewer than 6,603 anti-Asian hate crimes during the year ending in March 2021. Expect more anti-Asian hate. In May, huge majorities in both houses passed a new law to dig up more of it. It appointed an Asian-hate czar, and funded a campaign in exotic languages to encourage Asians to complain.

Deep into its story, the Post did note that there were 773 anti-white incidents, saying this was an increase of 16 percent over the previous year. Author David Nakamura bungled the math; it was actually a 20.2 percent increase, but who cares about that?



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