Son of the 1st Revolution #pratt #racist

I don't doubt that Asians and Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent than whites. However, that does not mean that white people do not have the same right to self determination as all other races do. Regardless of IQ, even if we were dumber than blacks, we should still have the right to lobby for our own self interest, or own civil liberties, hell, our own right to exist.

Black people have the NAACP, hispanics have La Raza, LULAC (or whatever it calls itself today), why cannot white people be allowed to have the same? We are a minority on this planet and we have an open border.

Question: If it takes thousands of years for evolution to take place, and in the case of IQ, for different races of people to develop variable IQ's, how long does it take for the "fruit hanging from the trees" to devolve a society?

Unfortunately, between whites marrying blacks and Hispanics, plus, the welfare dependency class having more kids, it seems that even in the white population we are devolving. The opening scene in "Idiocracy" seem more prophetic than ever.



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