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RE: Why I think some men worship non western women.

I think western men are so tired of being treated like crap by western women, especially white women, that they’ll take anything different. They keep hearing about how “traditional” they are which translates to “won’t treat me like trash”. It’s also why they go after Russian women and other races like I'm starting to see Latino women get held up as trad dreams. It’s because they aren’t western and therefore they’re, in the guys mind, different from western white women. It’s why alien or monster girls are so popular. They aren’t human women so they don’t have the same pain associated with human women that men connect to them.

At least in America, more than 70% of women are overweight. That leaves only 30% of women to have a chance at being attractive. The women here act ridiculous. They are entitled, loud and annoying, vindictive, and all around just awful people. Of course, all women have these desires, but in the west they really come out for people to see. Western women also are allowed to pick and choose men much more strictly than in other countries, so that here, even an ugly landwhale is not obtainable by an average guy

From the average dude’s perspective, western women are
-fat and therefore usually ugly
-loud and annoying
-impossible to please
-impossible to get, even the fat and ugly ones
And non western women are
-not fat, generally healthy
-attractive when they are young as well as when they are older
-quiet, peaceful, submissive
-happy with a kind husband
-open to dating/marrying many different kinds of guys
-generally act more feminine

From their perspective, it makes sense to me. Although of course they are wrong about most of these things, one thing is true - the percentage of attractive women in other countries is so much higher, because of the lower rate of being fat, and also because most ethnic women age slower. And they fall in line with being a traditional kind of wife much easier than western women.

I would be pleasantly surprised if I didnt know anything about the rest of the world and then I went somewhere like china or bolivia or turkey and saw a ridiculously high number of attractive women compared to the west



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