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A Viable Political Option

Monarchy has become a dirty word for most Americans. We tend to think of a sovereign king as the enemy to our country’s founding. But is this true?
At its core, American independence was a struggle against real government abuse. However, in the process of separating from the British crown, the baby was thrown out with the bath water.
It’s time to leave fearful superstition in the past. Monarchy’s bad reputation is an undeserved one. We live in a time when it has more real benefits to offer Americans than ever. It’s possible to make America regal with the right vision. Here’s ours:


Monarchy isn’t an out-of-touch fairy tale. It isn’t a biased ideology with an agenda to force on the people. Rather, it’s grounded in sound philosophy and a Christian worldview. We believe it’s the classical liberals who’ve sold a biased agenda to the American people instead. And now we’re suffering for it. Monarchy is based on human nature. It’s practical. It puts real-life observations and the welfare of the public first. We avoid romanticism and lofty-sounding ideas that have no real application. Republicanism uses arbitrary institutions made by out-of-touch ideologues, and it shows when those institutions regularly fail to cope with the real issues.


Monarchy is a viable option in a day and age where politicians “for the people” have become nothing but autonomous bureaucrats. We know that our bloated republic has tumbled down the road of corruption. America is at a point where her citizens are asking again: “What does tyranny look like?” We have ample proof that a king has nothing to do with it. In fact, unadulterated kingdoms have historically performed more efficiently and with greater public freedom than what Americans suffer today for the so-called privilege of being free. Our republic has failed. Perhaps our assumptions about monarchy were wrong.


Monarchy is not stuck in the past. We’re not obsessed with fancy regalia and tabloids on the nobility. We’re political activists just like any other group trying to change Washington. That means we move on from the past and look towards a feasible future. We’re here to trail-blaze a new path, not to imitate Europe, but to build something uniquely American in character. An American king stands as a solution to fix corruption, for reintroducing morality to Americans during this time of cultural decline. An American monarch would embody the next step of an even brighter American dream. The most traditional first-world power deserves nothing less.



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