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One really has to realize that American society has turned for the worse, due to the narcissism in society shown simply by the "selfie" phenomenon. People are obsessed with themselves, and with trivial gossip pertaining to the lives of others. They are also obsessed with sex, which is a necessary evil for the purpose of procreation, an establishment created due to the fall of man. It, in theory, should be outright banned because it is offensive to see plastered all over this decaying society. Society has made a terrible turn for the worst, as this is all modern society cares about, and any form of morality or intellect is disregarded as "antiquated" or "old-fashioned" or "uninformed" and the hedonistic free-for-all they glorify is the way to go.
Consider the decline in entertainment:
American entertainment has taken a nosedive in morality in recent years and scholars both conservative and liberal with any sort of credibility will be the first to note this. In the 1950s such programming with conservative values as Leave it to Beaver existed and musicians with timeless longevity and who had moral values and work ethic (see Elvis Presley for instance) were dominating the cultural sphere. Today, vulgar sitcoms such as Two and a Half Men with its excessively raunchy humor and the similar Big Bang Theory as well as musicians who promote vulgarity and indecency and dress indecently and do indecent things such as Justin Bieber with his public urination and marijuana usage and many rap singers who rap about violence toward others and abuse of women and crime and drug usage as well as the vapid female stars such as Katy Perry (she frequently exposes herself inappropriately; commentator Glenn Beck noted her occult and demonic "Dark Horse" performance) Miley Cyrus (who has smoked marijuana in public and has dressed indecently and done indecent things on stage) Taylor Swift (who writes vapid material pertaining to the exact same subject matter ad nauseam with absolutely no substance whatsoever and dresses very provocatively on stage {please refer to the 2013 CMT performance attire which cannot be linked to here due to family-friendly values} and condones such vulgar things as alcohol usage and serial dating) and others. One must also note the rise in violent movies and video games which promote senseless killing; many violent video games feature shooting of innocent people and law enforcement officials and the military uses video games to train members because the games help to desensitize young men from any guilt resulting from killing. It is no coincidence that homicide, suicide, violent crime, and bullying has risen in occurrences as soon as this immoral culture devoid of conservative values and Christian principles arose. Without a virtuous, moral culture, the American founders said this system will not work. If God is taken out of the public sphere, there is nothing but utter depravity. God blessed America for being a moral beacon of freedom but economic collapse and natural disasters have been brought to America because of an immoral liberal atheistic culture.
Liberal Taylor Swift promotes drug abuse, self abuse, welfare, dumbing down of public discourse, homosexuality, and lust and self abuse due to her provocative and immoral attire.



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