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TIM fails to understand actual woman


( shewolfoffrance )
He was wearing clothes in the women's locker room because he doesn't feel comfortable changing clothes in the women's locker room.

So, why was he even in the women's locker room?

(I know, he was probably just lurking and staring.)

( IrishTheFrenchie )

I don't feel comfortable changing clothes in the locker area

Yet you expect women to feel comfortable with YOU in there watching them change THEIR clothes. Fucking pervert.

( notsofreshfeeling )
This post is really all about bragging that he invaded a female space today. He's posting to earn street cred from his fellow male fetishists.

( SummerGrl )

I don't completely pass yet.

I love how these guys think they're going to get to this ✨magical✨ passing stage where they suddenly turn into a woman and nobody would ever know they were men. Like, it's not gonna happen dude. You're a man. You're male. You have testes, you have male bone structure. Your chromosomes are XY. You can't change those. 😂 It's such a delusional way of thinking. You're never gonna "pass" because you're male!! XY don't lie!

( notsofreshfeeling )
He knows he will never pass. They talk like this because it is a way of signaling to other fetishists. Transgenderism is their little clubhouse and using the cult language is a way to wink-wink-nudge-nudge at each other.

( hellamomzilla )
Awwww, did the creepy asshole perv feel bad when an actual woman pointed out that he’s a man? Maybe you should reflect on that, SIR.

I’m also amused that this idiotic perv can’t parse this situation. Show me that you’re not a woman while claiming that you are a woman from the top of your 6 foot 3 head to your size 14 canoes. SIR.

( Edelgard )
The delusion LMAO. Some women don't care about sharing their locker rooms with men, others would rather not but are resigned to it. The world isn't nicely separated between delusional handmaidens and hardcore feminists.

( AadirMorgendorfer )
Exactly, and some know that directly challenging a man who has already breached women's boundaries is not likely to go well for them. He knows he doesn't pass and yet is still so unembarrassed about being in a space where women are trying to change.



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